This is a fascinating interview with Dr Michaels Nehls, revolving Vitamin D3 vitamin, which in essence is a hormone, responsible for many things in our body, especially in terms of our immune system. Learn also about the deception that has been mounted against the very important Vitamin D

You would be surprised how essential Vitamin actually is, and how it's been increasingly even through studies been tried to defame - with highly fraudulent studies - which is explained here, why that is - and how it could be done.

There is a difference between the Vitamin D3 you get in pills, and the Vitamin D3 pro hormone the body (liver) metabolizes into the final stage, which the cells are actually using. The study used just the first form of Vitamin D3 - which when given to very sick patients (in the study) take over a week, to turn into the final version, the body can use. Therefore Vitamin D3 was officially dismissed deliberately, because it "wasn't helping" (it takes like I said, 1 week to become available for the body and immune system).

If they would have given the final version of Vitamin D3 Pro hormone directly in to the body - all patients would been saved ! Nobody needed to die. Later (honest) studies showed exactly this, that nobody with severe Covid infection died after getting the final version of the Vitamin D3 pro hormone - all got better immediately within 1-2 days.

Notice, that when you lockdown people - you prevent them from creating very important Vitamin D3 in their bodies. Also; when you use heavily sun lotions, you prevent the body from creating Vitamin D, essential for infections. The majority of the population has a great lack of Vitamin D. For example Germany, 90% of the population have insufficient Vitamin D3 levels. When it comes to infection and Covid, if you have too low levels in your blood, the disease becomes more deadly. If you have sufficient levels - nobody dies.

So, why are authorities, media and Pharma as well mainstream medicine, only giving people very low amounts of extra Vitamin D3 (if any at all !!) - leading to highly insufficient, on the verge of dangerous low Vitamin D3 levels ?

Knowledge is Power - Ladies and Gentlemen. Do your homework, please.


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