And so - it was time for the first snow cover in Stockholm to lie down over fields, houses and trees. I am startled every time anew, how pretty that actually looks. I 'hate' to think of snow - but once it arrives - it is so pretty to look at every single time ! The whole landscape... changes. Dressed up with something that feels more like Christmas Winter atmosphere.

I do love it, after all.

Strange ti think that only 1 week ago, i was standing at 06.00 in the morning at the balcony smoking, taking in the extra ordinary mild air on my skin, measuring 14.5°C. in the middle of November, while the sun was about to rise, and the shy showing patches of blue. It was so exotic, so beautiful - like a springtime morning in the end of April (and even there, 14° in the morning would been exceptionally mild !). A November morning where you would expect biting frost...

Well, next morning everything was over: the temperature dipped down to -3°C in Tullinge, and 5°C in the City of Stockholm.

SMHI writes today:
Heavy snowfall in south-east Sweden on Saturday. In the Baltic Sea region from the Stockholm area and further down along the eastern coast, heavy snowfall is being brought in at times, with locally large amounts of snow of 10-35 cm.

Until Saturday evening, Gladhammar in eastern Småland has received the most with 27 mm in melted form. Inland over southern Sweden may also see 5-10 cm in some places, but in many places just light snowfall.


25 cm snow depth in Oskarshamn this morning

Apparently Oskarshamn, in the south at the east coast of Sweden, measured 25 cm snow depths at 08.00 this morning - which was the deepest in entire Sweden (synoptic grid stations). Since the snow is still going on there, with so called "Snow cannons" driving towards the SE coast, I am sure the depths will deepen considerably !

For the next days Stockholm is predicted to receive 32 mm precipitation, from which at most part of it should come down as snow.


Sissy-Signs of Times ?

My metro work sent me an SMS, starting with the sentence with "Because of the snow chaos...." And I was like... WTF ?! Do we now call 4 cm snow chaos ? (It's only that little this far) There was a time during the 80s and 90s, when 20-30 cm snow came down - it certainly deserved the expression "Snow Chaos".

But 4 cm snow ? A mere 1.57 inch...


Madhouse Mix

That's just peanuts and will happen, many, many times during winter.

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