We got about 25-27 cm snow depth in the Stockholm southern suburbs. And there are another 30 mm precipitation predicted to come down - so I don't know where it will end. And the question is, will it eclipse the November record which occured 9-12 Nov 2016 with 39 cm snow depth in Stockholm?

Who knows ? Possibly, maybe...

In the temperature isn't going to much above 0°C. At times here at my balcony I had +0.6°C, and there were first signs of ever so light melting in a few places. But since then the temperature has gone down a tiny notch.

On Tuesday however, it will start to melt, as the temperatures are predicted to go to + 3 or 4°C.


Subway Chaos (yesterday)

Wasn't because it was winter - but because they forgot to turn on the heat under the switches. So, they got stuck in the increasing snow. I thought we are supposed to symbolize professionals. I guess, there has been some serious infaltion going on in that area, too. *rolling my eyes*

Today - everything seem to work fine, despite the much greater snow depths.


Pure Winter Magic

I went out to do some food shopping - and it was simply magic. And surprisingly "mild", with the temperatures being around +0°C, the winds totally flat - and the tremendous amounts of snow on every tree branch. It was like being a boy in a magic garden !







9 Nov 2016

During those days a new November Snow Depth record for Stockholm was registered: 39 cm ! [Note: the unofficial record for Stockholm in November is 47 cm, when SMHI measured the depth at 19.00 in the evening ! I wasn't aware of this before]

It was really chaos in the traffic and they disabled basically all buss traffic. I've never heard about things like that in the 80s, when we had a few winters that were among the coldest, most fierce ones... the bused drove on, and so did the subway.


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