I published a little clip of the nightly thunderstorms which went down over more or less exactly our location. The official location was officially located over the eastern part of Södermalm towards Nacka Strand. But I believe this is wrong !


4 lightning strikes with crackling thunder

Only 2-3 seconds passed between lightning and thunder, which was essentially located near by where we live. We got in total 4 lightning strikes. It started as soon we exited our home - it went "Ka-BOOM" and we were truly startled. Then more stikes appeared.

The last one of the four was really fierce, with a very bright light, and 1-2 seconds later a very sharp, almost disturbing loud thunder, as we walked around in our neighborhood at 00.58 on 21 Nov 2022. Since our location is based on a higher plateau (60 meter), making it the highest spot in this area (together with the hills nearby which are a bit higher actually). Overall Snösätra is an exposed area - and I didn't feel so comfortable with such close lightning going off - therefore, we went back home. But it was really, really cool. Everything simply magic !

No other thunderstorms cells appeared over Stockholm in a radius of 250 km, neither before or after. Quite remarkable event. See below Sal's video of the lighting strike, around 1-1.5 km away.

Additional info:

Not entirely true what I wrote above: Around 03.15 early this morning, there were a couple more lightning strikes in the area north of Södertälje area around 30 km from here.

Additionally, around 06.45 several lightning striks were recorded in the Norrtälje Region, 80 km NE of Stockholm. At 07.15 several ones NE of Norrköping and again around 09.15 as well 16.15.

Then, again over central east Stockholm, early evening, 3-4 strikes occurred at around 19.15 (I did not notice them)


28 Feb 1996

The last time I experienced snow thunderstorms was during the day of 28 Feb 1996, while preparing my photo exhibition for the next day called "13 Days behind the Moon", when suddenly during intense snow fall, 3 lightning strikes and thunder appeared one ofter the other.

It felt a bit strange, I remember; BOOM... BOOOM... BOOOOM !! Like an announcement. But of what kind (from a symbolical perspective, I mean) ? I had no clue other than it did feel magic.


One thing did overlap that day

It was in fact the very start of perhaps one of the most awkward, confusing, heavy periods in my life. 1996 was one that went deep into my blood stream, and was very difficult to wash out, which took almost a decade, if not more. The last remnants of it, I shed off as late as 2021, marking an final end of the strange "Johannes" encounter. Luckily Sal met him, so he could make his own experience of the contradictory aura of Johannes.

I was never made that up, you know. Sal sensed himself the interesting, highly strange, puzzling dynamics which Johannes was radiating; the psychology dynamics behind human interactions, the energy signatures, which probably made many other guys fall into the love-bite trap earlier on, getting... let's say lost, trapped and confused.

It is history now.

It started with three lightning strikes back on 28 Feb 1996, and it definitely ended with four lightning strikes last night, on 21 Nov 2022.

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