It is simply incredible that the snow depth has increased to a whopping 48 to 52 cm depth here in Stockholm. You do not even get this during other winter months. I mean, most winters do not accumulate snow this deep during most winters here, except a few, such as 2009-10, 2010-11 and winters during the mid 80s. (84/1985, 1986/87)

So, this must be a new record for snow in November in Stockholm. Officially the old one was measured in the morning of 9 Nov 2016 at 07.00 - with 39 cm. But unofficially, SMHI made another measurements later at 19.00 which was a whopping 47 cm at Observatoriekullen near Rådmansgatan in the city, on the same day, 9 Nov 2016. (Which I wasn't aware of until i read SMHI's text a couple hours ago).

But now, at least unofficially, this both records have been broken for sure.


Cracked the tree top at our balcony

And the top of the tree in front of our balcony, cracked under the weight of the heavy snow, in exactly the moment I opened the door, in order to take a photo of it, because I had my suspicions that it might happen. It happened exactly in that very moment of thought !

I also noticed in other places that many larger branches have broken off / come down under the weight of the heavy, water rich snow (which is perfect for building snow men ;-)


22 Nov 2022 (last photo)

A whole meter broke off the very top of the tree. It had tree peaks, the largest was the one that cracked and a one meter branch is now upside down (still covered with snow) in the last photo. When you live with the trees who grace your balcony for 13 years - not to mention how high that thing has grown since Daniel and I moved to Snösätra in summer 2010 - then you learn to live with the trees. And you care and notice the changes they go through.





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