I felt very excited by the amounts of snow which fell over Central and Southern Stockholm - which definitely must have been a new all time high record for November... but in the official measurements - they simply disappeared.

It's really strange. At my balcony i measured 48 cm depth on 21 Nov 2022. It might pretty well been somewhere between 48 and 52 cm depths outside, further away from houses. SMHI did acknowledge the unusual phenomena that most snow fell actually in the center of Stockholm, and not in the outer suburbs - which is unusual. Often the opposite of what you would expect. This also creates the huge problems in the city with traffic etc. It was in the late evening of 21 Nov, the temperatures started to rise slightly, which made the snow stop accumulating and starting to sink. So, I knew that next morning of 22 Nov there should be a be a lower snow depth, when they start to measure it, but a lot more than the 14 cm from 20 Nov.

The official measurements by Swedish SMHI, are made at 07.00 every morning. This is how those look like:

19 Nov - 0 cm
20 Nov - 14 cm (Temperature range that day: -0.9°C to 0.5°C)
21 Nov - 25 cm (Temperature range that day: 0.1°C to 2.6°C)
22 Nov - No Data (!) should have been in the range of 33-40 cm, (Temperature range: 1.0°C to 2.6°C)
23 Nov - 8 cm [strangely low snow depths, at temperatures between 1.3°C to 3.4°C]
24 Nov - 5 cm
25 Nov - 10 cm [where did those 5 cm suddenly come from ?! ] Only some snowflakes came down, at best 0.5 cm !

There are three strange things about this:

First - there are no measurements. At the most important morning, after a mega record snowfalls - there is no data. That is already weird. Then on top, it show only 8 cm on the next morning... Since the temperatures were pretty similar both here in South Stockholm, as in the city, my thinking is, that the snow must have sunken almost equally on both places. But I still had something like 30 cm snow left in the morning of 23 Nov. Why was there only 8 cm in the City ?


My thinking

is, that the missing snow measurement previous morning, must been somewhere in the 40-45 cm range on 22 Nov 2022. Dropping to 8 cm on 23 Nov 2022, does not make sense, because the temperatures where not that high, around 1-2 °C. - and you never get snow to melt from 40-45 cm to 8 cm within 24 hours.


More oddities

On 24 Nov it says 5 cm, and then today - after very little precipitation (as snow), during the night, really just flakes... but the depths suddenly increased to the double: 10 cm on 25 Nov 2022 at 0700

How is that possible ? It was only very light snow in the area of the city !

I worked during the night, drove the metro though the city back and forth - and I can tell that not much snow came down. At best perhaps 0.5 to 1 cm if i stretch it.



I am excited about special weather events, when they are kicking into gear - I turn very observant and follow it much more closely than i normally follow daily life weather.

I also feel tempted to ask SMHI directly - what happened with those measurements ? Why are they missing ? Why are they partially off ?

Perhaps the monthly review may shed some more light on it - usually published a couple days into December 2022, having a review about the Swedish Weather in Nov 2022.

Skipping official snow measurements on perhaps the most important morning of such an extra ordinary snow event - is strange. Did the electricity go down ?

The snow measurement of morning the 22 Nov 2022 was crucial - and could have nailed a new all-time high snow depth record for Stockholm during November, eclipsing the old, official one of 39 cm on 9 Nov 2016 at 07.00

Also strange is, that no extra measurement was made on eve the 21 Nov 2022 - before the temperatures went up. Like they did on that 9 Nov 2016 - which resulted into that the unofficial November Snow record for Stockholm turned out to be a whopping 47 cm, instead of the official 39 cm ! (Quite the difference)

Why didn't they do it now ?

I can't tell, because there isn't any official data about this. Even in the database which the public has access to - there is no snow depth noted for 22 Nov 2022 at 07.00.

Why ?


"Like a stolen All-Time-High Record"

It literally feels like a stolen New Record. It is not exactly every year you get such an event we had. And now it is "out of sight, out of mind" in the statistics.

Well, it wouldn't make Climate Warming / Climate Change look so good in our corner of the world, all of the sudden getting an All-Time-High November Snow record. With this I am not saying or thinking, that SMHI lied - but clearly this far, it's quite weird how the event has been handled.

What I am writing here is, that the official November 2022 snow data for Stockholm - looks strange on several accounts.


Did I miss something ?

Of course there is that possibility. I could read things wrong, albeit the numbers that are public, to be found in the database, are what they are. Missing data, wrong data. Yes, all that is possible. I am not working at SHMI, so I am certainly not sitting on much data, compared to what they really have access to. I once had a friend who worked there, and he showed me via his computer - what SMHI really can access - which is HUGELY more in terms of data and many, many charts and maps. It was mind boggling for an amateur like me, to see. As it was interesting.

So, yes - of course - when it comes to numbers, data and measurements - there is always the risk for wrong numbers and wrong interpretations. I get that and keep that in mind.

That is also why I am asking questions.

At the same time, I was observant to the weather here, where I live in the Southern suburbs, how long snow was falling, and when the snow cover was starting to melt ever so slightly (eve of 22 Nov 2022). I also saw that the snow wasn't rapidly melting away. Even at temperatures around 3°C - it actually takes quite a while to get rid of 48-52 cm of snow !



It is now 3.6°C mild, and we still have 10-12 cm snow here in Rågsved at 18.00. This morning Stockholm City reported 10 cm snow at 1.1°C in temperature. Right now they have +3.3°C. So, they should have something like 5 cm snow left on the ground, then. THAT makes sense.

But the earlier official snow depth in the City with 5 cm (24 Nov) and 8 cm (23 Nov) must be wrong. Temperatures were lower, snow depths were much higher. I have to ask Sal, how he felt about the snow (if he paid attention to snow in the grass in that very same area, where we happens to work almost ever day).

Yes. Something isn't right.

I wouldn't make much fuzz normally. But when it comes to such an extra ordinary snow events with suspected record amounts of snow - then fine details are important in terms of Historic Weather observations.

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