During the major Snow event in Stockholm 20-22 Nov 2022 - I was off from work enjoying my free days. It wasn't until I had to go to work, when i realized how many tree branches had fallen in many places. Plus that they tore down several trees with a chain saw, creating larger piles being collected. Also along the Green Subway Line, i saw plenty of branches in the snow.

Well, almost all the snow which fell, up to 48-52 cm in places, fell at temperatures around -0.4 to +1.0°C - which means, that the water content was at a maximum - without it fell from the trees. So, the trees were just immensely laden with snow in ways I rarely have seen. And our major tree in front of our balcony, as I already wrote about, had it's top broken off, around 1 meter are now missing.

That in principle was what happened in many places all around Stockholm.


The other issue was the snow plowing.

The first evenings, while it started to thaw - were incredible. Especially in the Southern Suburbs, which received a lot more snow than West or North Stockholm, the streets were a disaster. However, as i went home from work this morning, it hit me, how excessive the snow actually was. I mean, you not truly expect the people who work with the machines, to clear up all snow in just one or two days. It hit me, how impossible that kind of work actually is. So, if my ego at first was bickering about the uncleaned streets in our Southern Suburb,s i understand now - that this was and is a major task - no doubt at all. And it is already getting better.


Thinking of the old people !

But the last three days have been a huge challenge to walk on that slipper ice and water laden snow. Especially in all the places where many people walk, it gets more icy - and far more difficult to walk on. I thought of the elderly people, realizing, that most of them likely couldn't leave their house - because it would be madness to dare trying to walk as an elderly person... breaking arms and bones (which is not uncommon)

It is "funny", how one thinks more about the people, when things get tough. Perhaps it is a sense which increases when you get older ? you care for people - and think of how it must feel like for them, in their shoes, so to speak. I mean i am a strong man, and took my big arctic boots which are literally huge, and act not only was very warm shoes down to -50°C, but act as rubber boots as well. So, walking though water, was absolutely no problem. In fact, I enjoyed it.


No easy walk in the park

Yet - even I had to be careful - and I noticed how much the walking in these conditions, felt in my legs. You get some serious training, using muscles in ways you normally don't use that much. So - how must that feel for a frail elderly person ? And how does it work for them, with food, you know ? Imagine you have nobody, are all alone at home - and you cannot get out ? How do you manage with food ?


Funny synchronous situation - Two strangers

These were the things that went though my mind, while I was bitching about the snow. Albeit, don't take that seriously - it was just my ego-mind doing so.

In reality I am not that bitchy and can see the fun and jokes in things. In fact, as I exited the other night, on my way of going to work - I met a guy coming from what I believe was the subway station. He had reached the school area nearby where I live. So; he had already gone though that deep snow, ice and water all the way from the store or subway station - already faced the much larger than expected challenges of trying to plow through (as nothing was cleaned yet). We closed in - looked at each other - we started to laugh and laugh ! It really was a funny moment.

It felt as if we both had the same kind of feeling / thought: that walking though this mess, was true art; a challenge far greater than you would expect normally. We laughed at this "mess" and stretched out our arms in a gesture like "Just look at this - this is hilarious as it is incredible". One of those spontaneous moments, where two strangers meet, like two ships in the night, connecting as human beings in recolonization.

It was fun to experience that, you know. Because it was hilarious with all that chaotic snow, ice and water - trying to get yourself though that mess, between subway station and home, carefully walking like ducks on ice.

You just have to laugh out loud.

Together :-)

- 186 -