Of course I have gotten more lazy during the past years, in terms of taking images with analog film. I will not make a big speech out of that - but must confess that yes, i am simply not as ambitious anymore in terms of photography. At the same time, I have truly focused deeply into bringing my physical negatives into the digital realm - with better results than ever before. On this I have spent a lot of time - and scanned literally 10000 negatives during the past 1-1.5 years.

I absolutely enjoy the outcome so much of all those old negatives. I still can't believe that it is possible to get such good results. Sure, it takes time dependent on the task that needs to be performed. But I am skilled and can nowadays handle almost any negative that comes into my way. That that way - i have not been passive or been lazy - but my focus has shifted.


The Corona Plandemic Effect

I believe the whole Corona Plandemic, the severe repercussions dwelling behind the scenes, which are by all means avoided to be spoken about in old media... also has a large char in why i shifted focus. It required thousands of hours to study the material coming from big names like Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Peter McCullough, Prof Dr Ulrike Kämmerer, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and many others - plus for example 800 hours listening to the Corona Investigative Committee (Berlin). I have been following every session since No 30 (they are now at Session No 131). Each one takes around 5 hours.

The material one took in, was and is immense. I think i haven ever in my entire life studies to much, so deep and so intense like in the past 2.5 years. I really can't think of any other time where I have been studying so much. And not for such a long time.


It left traces and changes behind...

My views upon the world, the leaders, the people in general - has changed a lot. I feel different - but I am not entirely sure how to put finger on the feeling I have about it all. It seems like there are forces in play, who do not wish humanity anything good. On the contrary, it seems almost like they are playing more and more wide open, cynically, blatantly open. In many harmful, abstract and bizarre ways. And the way we call the good being The New Bad, and the really bad being the new good we look up to. This all makes it even more bizarre.

So, honestly - I don't know where I fit in. Whom do I make images for ? Whom I showing images to ? As if it all doesn't really matter - because the world, the people in it - are all so frikking busy. With their mobile phones, scrolling endlessly, without much sense or feel - likely for the rest of their lives.

While real life, the one that actually is taking place outside of all that we stare into constantly.

But ultimately, this is my private space, so to speak; my personal Diary. My "OnMyMind" Diary. Or Raffe's Diary. And this is where I place images and photographs, whether they are seen or not, whether my text is read or not.

It's just all here for the time being.
No more, no less.

- 190 -