It makes quite a quality difference between an old (flatbed) scan of a negative, and a new, recent "scan" with a digital camera - as shown above. All of the sudden, fine details emerge in the images... I love the results I get when using a digital camera as my "scanner".


Climbing on Trees
("Early Springtime Feelings")

Jonas and I were fooling around with images at a little Island, which has this amazing miniature landscape within. It is outside of Fisksätra, Saltjöbaden - around 10 km east of Stockholm City.

There wasn't much snow and relatively little ice in February 1990. In March we had during a few times around 15°C, which really pushed springtime feelings. In the end of April, beginning of May, it started to become summer - which was highly unusual and uncalled for !

A very special winter, and one of the mildest in Stockholm history (i believe), tied together with extreme mild 1988/89 winter and recent 2021/22 winter.


After mid May 1990 - Summer kind of "stopped"

It was very mild through out January, February, March and April and half way into May which peaked with summery temperature. Then it all stopped after mid May 1990 - with a rather chilly, rather disappointing summer as well autumn. Those warm days in mid may, were warmer than the days in mid July.


February 1990

SMHI wrote in "Väder & Vatten" (Weather & Water) following:

Record Warmth

Southern Sweden enjoyed its second consecutive extremely mild and green winter, with mostly mild weather across most of the country, resulting in record-breaking temperatures.

The February average temperature was more than 10 degrees above normal in the interior of northern Norrland, and there were daily average temperatures of up to 19°C above normal. Temperature records were broken. In almost the whole country, the mean temperature, as well as the maximum temperatures of the month, were the highest since the beginning of measurements in about 1860. The average temperatures are similar to those of a normal April month

The warmest February days in the 20th Century

The 21-24 Feb 1990 were some of the warmest February days of the 20th century with record temperatures in almost the whole country, rising to about 10°C in Norrbotten's coastal region, 13-14°C on the southern coast of Norrland and about 15°C in eastern Götaland. The warmest day was in Osby in NE Skåne on 21 Feb 1990 with 15.8°C.

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