It is one of those particularly dark days, in which the winter daylight doesn't seem to get out of bed. Instead the sky gives an impression of being gray, but not white. Like heavy clouds but without features. (I am sure the "gray feeling" in the sky, comes from being inside the apartment, and less so when you are out and about).

Or/and it is a feeling enhanced though the impressions of my body today; which feels a bit sluggish / heavy / slow. Like you have been all night dancing and drinking... only with the difference that I haven't been on a party or been drinking beers *LOL*



The sun came out before noon - and it was like... aaah. Oooh. Wow. The kind of hormonal feeling, which makes you pop; starting to get bubbly and inspired.

Now that I pre-worked all the recent data of sunshine hours for Stockholm down to the second, and created the necessary framework to transfer raw data into understandable numbers - i can now follow the development of sunshine hours ever day. SMHI doesn't give you the sunshine hours summary for ever day. They give you the seconds, one line for every hour divided into seconds.

You have to put it all together yourself. *rolling my eyes*

So, this is how it looks like since 1 September 2022, how many hours the sun has been shining every day. During October 2022 we had unusual amounts of sunshine, on pair with September 2022. But then it dropped like a stone. Before yesterday, during 16 days; 14-29 Nov 2022 - we only had 2.53 hours of sunshine !


35 hours of Sunshine

The total for November 2022 turned out to be 34.6 hours of sunshine, on pair with Nov 2019. One of the things I do not know is, what is the normal average for Stockholm. In order to know this - i would have to go through the entire database, and calculate every month (from the lines of every hour, divided by seconds) all the way back to 1983. Which would take me weeks - which I haven't continued to do so. Yet.


Still snow on the ground

And we still have snow on the ground between 0 to 8 cm - despite it has been constantly around 3°C since the record snowfall over a week ago, since 22 Nov 2022.

In the West of Stockholm (Vällingby, Råcksta) there is no more snow left [other than snow mountains, from plowing the streets] - because they received less in comparison to what we received here in the southern suburbs of Stockholm.


Monthly sunshine hours 2022

If we look at the monthly total amount of sunshine hours, it looks like this - compared to 2021, 2020, 2019 and 1983. The outlook for sunshine in the upcoming month of December... well, it depends on the clouds, if we will have mild weather (many clouds, poor sunshine hours) or cold weather (often sunny, fewer clouds, cold)

As you can see below, in March 2022, the sun was already on pair with "summer", shining incredibly much. Especially when you compare it with other march months. The year of 1983 (and even more so, 1984) were poor sunshine years.


The March Mystery
Between 2.5 and 9 hours sunshine.

March 1983, gave only 2.06 hours per day in average sunshine - while March 2022 gave 8.69 hours per day ! That is a huge difference.. almost day and night.

Fascinating, how much more the sun is shining now

Overall I find it so extremely interesting, that when comparing mid 80s with our time now early 2020s, how much more the sun is actually shining ! It's really fascinating. All that extra energy, you know...

Ultimately... it ain't CO2, but the CLOUDS (= water vapor) which decides the energy input. Our sun is still the primary source of energy - which means the climate of our earth.


CO2 my butt

I really can't understand how incredible insane the CO2 lie is being pushed globally. It makes absolutely no sense, what so ever. What is it people want to achieve ? "reducing CO2" and going back to the little ice age a couple hundred years ago ? Good luck with that. It wouldn't serve humanity, given how severe consequences it had on people and food.

Well the math doesn't add up anyway, because there is no strong correlation between CO2 and temperature increase. Those "climate" "scientists" who push the CO2 narrative, are paid chills. The real climate scientists do not agree with the whole climate change narrative - but most of them keep silent these days, because if you speak up - you loose all your funding.

Now that's a way to push things, isn't it ?

Be honest = we strip you of everything.
Lie = and you shall "have the world" (or at least a nice cut for it)


You know, it does tick me off.

That being honest has become extremely unpopular and people are being chased and put down like criminals. While the real criminals, you hear everywhere. Especially the media has become outermost criminal given how insane untrue they have become. It is a disgrace as well a crime. Puberty Adult Chills being paid to come at times with the most insane lies, from Corona and prototype experimental, genetic injections, War in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Syria to Ukraine vs Russia and finally the favorite 'Climate Change'.

It's so BS at too many levels. Sorry. That's the boy in me - not the adult. Which makes me wonder if I ever grow up, given that i still write like a teenager with puberty issues *LOL*


Well dah ! The climate. Changes.

That is what climate DOES over longer times. As a reminder, it has been do this since the dawn of days of this earth. Calling people "Climate change denier" - is kind of paradoxical. You can't deny that climate changes. I mean climate is what it does; it changes over time. That is part of the earth's cosmic interrelated play. It is the people who want the climate to be bureaucracy autocratic stable, every period the same - who are in denial - because THAT really makes no sense, to have a climate that doesn't change.

So, what is a "climate change denier". To deny that the climate changes ? Gosh, the whole debacle is BS. And environmental friendly products is BS too. While 30.000 private airplanes flew to Egypt discussing "climate change" and tell you to do the work, and reduce everything "in order to safe the world". Including freedom.

You out to be jailed, you people. Which is funny, given that all the jet-setters, too, spread their legs in order to shit on the toilette. What makes you think you are different from the rest of humanity ? What makes you believe you got the right to tell humanity, what to do. Especially this all becomes nefarious, because in reality, those people - are laughing their asses off, how stupid we sheep we are - following every direction they tell us to do - via our media and glossy brochures and dramatic fear mongering propaganda.

Welcome to reality, bitches.




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