Tonight is a strange time - ever since I woke up yesterday (after 9 hours of sleep), i felt a strange weakness in me - without any particular reason that could explain it. But since it felt like a lack of sleep, i thought OK - let's add a couple of hours. So, i went to bed anew, slept another... I don't know, 5 hours... and the feeling of lacking energy remained, even increased during the night.

For no particular reason that I could come up with... It just feels odd.

I made soup ground up, with all kinds of vegetables, potatoes, as well both chicken and fat meat. It appears to help a little to get my powers back. Was I eating wrong/too little lately ? Could be...

Anyway, it has taken me by surprise - that's all.


Boy, the weather ...

outside is *urrk*. Typical November type of weather. Temperatures still on the plus side, but raining all the time. Gray, very gray. Dark. Brrr kind of weather.


Speaking about weather

winter is imminent in Stockholm. At least in terms of temperatures are predicted to fall below zero by Saturday - and staying below zero (most of the time). Here is the outlook for Stockholm according to American GFS.


On second thought

This is what MODELS represent; suggestions, assumptions, non-observations, calculated assumed predictions.



Changed again...

So, this is how the outlooks changed 6, 12 hours later

for Stockholm. Winter is still coming, albeit the details are quite different. And so it goes on an on with MODELS.

And we are supposed to understand, truly understand and know - how the future climate will be like in 50 to 100 years. Why are we so damn sure... because everything is - again - based on models.


Day after - etc.

Now it doesn't look so "only winter" anymore, but giving a rather mixed outlook, between winter-ish, and then mild again.


Oh, now let's go back to "Winter scenario". Again.

So, after another 32 hours, they decided it is time for total winter again... I understand that calculated predictions can't be reality, and that there is - of course - some fluctuation. What bugs me is however that there is just no consistency. Scenarios like "Winter" become obsolete 6-12 hours later, and then after 24-32 hours, it is all back, colder than before.


If models are so good

why do they shift so so much (often into the opposite), this often ? How much "accuracy" is there really, in weather predictions beyond 3 days ? Not much it seems... Despite "super computers" and such. Not to mention the "models" which are being used. Again "Garbage in - then you get Garbage out".

I sometimes start to wonder... It seems to me that "Real Dirt" kind of professions, the ones who really deal with basics, nut and bolt science and practicalities - are the one who are more grounded, compared to the more abstract science such as virology, and everything else which more and more rely more and more on calculated, model "science". That newer generation Meteorologists are not in the same league like the older meteorologists, who still were and are anchored in substantial knowledge about weather. The newer ones all seem to align heavily onto "climate Change" - and see everything through the eyes of "climate change" - which brings bias on observational data, corrupting it. Gently, softly and very slowly, indirectly...

There is an awful lot of psychology in the works behind every human being, especially within science - you primarily a human being who churns out the final text of things - being later read by human beings. So, the end result of something, always relies on how we interpret things. (I am not saying that AI would do a better job - i doubt that - and I am highly skeptical - because even AI is feed with info. If garbage goes in, then garbage will affect the outcome).

If we indulge into "political correct" science, then it is not science we perform.


I am not saying that all is bad

- because it isn't. But the more digital science" is been used, the more vulnerable it is for alterations, subjection to filtration and even manipulation. Electricians, plummer and carpenters - they are usually people who are much more grounded, dealing with real life, real dirt, real types of scenarios - deeply rooted in practical experiences... and not so easily manipulated. I am saying this as an example - there are many others. Even within meteorology and climate science.

But those people, even most distinguished ones - are not coming to the fore, not being listened to at the public stage, telling that what "climate science 2022" does on the public stage, is all nonsense - and there is NO TRUE SOLID evidence for all the claims that are being made by paid off "scientist" (shills), and politicians.

NONE ! Which makes science of today a very sad place, when you think about it. Because if this continues, and science is more and more based on "public" accepted "findings" (e.g. highly manipulated and corrupted), then what do you expect to get out of such "science" ? How can you honestly develop things, when the real, true science, is hidden and non-public ?


There is true science going on

- but you only get to know a tiny, tiny fraction of real physics, chemistry and virology, biology, and history. I believe we would be stunning how much science there is we almost never heard about... It also would make patents built on flawed science, fall apart like a house of cards. This is unwanted because then the large amounts of investors and invested profits, also would fall like a card of house.

Earth is ruled by the obsession and religion to a Green God; The god of money. It corrupts everything and almost everyone, in small as well in the large. If you want to understand science, i believe it is not at the public and woke Universities you can do it. Nut really - but you will be have to believe that there you get the keys to true knowledge.

I bed to differ


Garbage in - Garbage out (is what you get).

I think we should perhaps be more humble about nature, cosmos and predictions. Things never turn out the way we predict them. If it would - we would be all Kings and Queens at the stock market, and Emperors at Weather services, and Princes at Vulcanologic Institutes. Yet, things are not always that predictable. We may get hunches and signs - but that's about it and is not the same as almost 100% knowing.

Because - we do not know everything. So, how can we be 150% sure how climate will be like in 25, 50 and 100 years ahead of time. To even claim that, is mildly spoken arrogant

It should be about learning and observing - not making decisions for humanity by deciding every single aspect of living (like Klaus Schwab so lovely writes in "The Great Reset" - a sinister, dystopic book - from a guy with Nazi Roots, wallowing in his self made glory leading the World Economic Forum, and mingling with world leaders, of which many themselves were students in Schwab's school. How quaint. And those leaders have shown an abhorrent behavior, a pile of never ending lies during the Corona Plandemic. Alone enough to put them into prison, several times the length of their lives. Those are severe Crimes they have committed, as leaders over nations.

And we fools, believed them. Their lies. And obeyed the ridiculous Covid Vax Religion.

It is one of the biggest crimes ever committed in Human Medicine. It is now we gradually see hoe bad the outcomes turned out on many people... dropping dead from one second to the next. Not to mention the horrific amounts of injuries globally (estimated 180 million people, from light to most severe).

In my book, Schwab and his fellas should be jailed for Crimes again Humanity ! And Greta should serve a couple years in jail too, for her abusive, delirious and estranged activities railing against humanity. This delirium of nonsense which sends hundred of millions into steep poverty and decline.


It's not about Climate Change.

The ultra "elite" give a rats ass about humanity. Well, it isn't about climate anyway. It is a narrative, a tool, with far darker and sinister motives, decided by a few who see themselves entitled to decide what is "good" for humanity; by moving the world population towards the never ending narrative of "we don't have enough resources". Moving humanity gradually towards an abyss, with our help, by supporting this insanity with the "UN Agenda 2030" and endless other names for the same.

Endless resources - always works to get the steeples in line.

It is difficult, to keep a sense of innocence... at my age - especially now in our absurdly woke times, it seems impossible. But shutting my eyes, burying my head in the sand - isn't an option.

I can not unsee.

But... how to I merge all that with my heart ?

- 194 -