The "vaccinated" group continues to make up a majority of those who die with covidence in Sweden. Last week, about 91 percent were vaccinated. But if you go back a few weeks, the figure was even more remarkable: then 97% of the dead were vaccinated.

As Swebbtv News also previously reported, the so-called "vaccinated" have been a majority among those who die with covid-19 in Svgerige. This is roughly how it has looked since week 35 last fall, with the exception of some week (51, 2021). And it continues to look that way.

This is shown in the statistics of the Public Health Agency.

Last week, week 47, so far 22 people have been reported dead with covid, of which 2 were unvaccinated and 20 "vaccinated". The week before week 46: 9 out of 77 were unvaccinated. This is also similar to previous weeks.


Deaths • 405 unvaccinated vs 3852 vaccinated

If you look at the number of people infected, most of them are also "vaccinated". In week 47, 4,257 cases of coivirus were registered in Sweden. 405 were unvaccinated, 3,852 were vaccinated.

Similarly, among intensive care patients, the majority are "vaccinated". Last week, 14 cases were registered, of which 6 were unvaccinated and 8 vaccinated. In week 41, there were 15 ICU cases, of which 1 was unvaccinated and 14 vaccinated (thus, in that week, more than 93% of registered ICU cases were "vaccinated"). In week 45, there were 19 ICU cases, of which 3
were unvaccinated and 16 vaccinated.

The Public Health Agency no longer reports the number of vaccinated and unvaccinated cases in its weekly report. However, if you download the Excel file with the data, you can still see the figures.

• Article Source: SwebbTV
• Statistics of the Public Health Agency

  • Note: The term "(Covid-19) Vaccine" refers to experimental products which wrongly are termed "Vaccine" - which however in reality equals to an experimental, (in reality non tested), genetic injection. They do not prevent infection, it does not immunize against disease and it does not make illness less severe - on the contrary - they gradually lead to a destruction of the human immune system, leading to more illness and deaths.

    The Covid-19 injections produce an immense amount of spike-proteins, which are not meant to be in the blood stream to begin with, as they are highly inflammatory and toxic, penetrating the brain, heart, and all organs, destroying the inner lining of the blood vessels which leads to failures, cell death, which are extremely dangerous for the brain and heart - because they are irreparable; such cells never regenerate.

    As it also has shown to change genetic information, even merging with human DNA - it does not fulfill the product of a traditional Vaccine. Traditional vaccine, any vaccines, are not allowed to affect / interact with the human bio genome.

    Analysis also have shown that the Covid-19 injections, do in no way meet the quality level of a pharmaceutical product nor have they fulfilled the level of good manufacturing procedures.

    The Covid-19 injections contain substances (especially two Polyethylene Glycol based substances) which have never been allowed / are still not allowed, to be used in human beings. PEG can often lead anafalactic shock.

    The injections contain 280 substances, of which most have not even been revealed by the companies, nor have they been declared, what function / "benefits" those are suppose to have for human health.
  • Covid-19 "Vaccines" are the largest Medical fraud in human History - A Crime against Humanity.



Swedish Medical Agency • The Numbers

from the numbers published by the Swedish Medical Agency, and it looks like this. The first one is logarithmic, the second is linear, in order to distinguish the lower levels of the deaths (up to 10.000). The numbers (deaths) are weekly.

What have we learned ? Why are a huge numbers of "vaccinated" dying compared to people who remained unvaccinated, e.g. with healthy immune systems in tact ?

Is this all coincidental - and if that would be the case - then my following question is, why are the numbers continuing this highly polarized... Shouldn't it stop ? Why do people get sick, and even sicker than before - if they supposedly were "immunized" (like it was claimed in the beginning) ? If no immunization - then a "vaccine" ain't a vaccine.

I do not consider the numbers to be coincidental - for that the statistics are far too obvious a disadvantage for any Covid-19 Injection, creating more death than the claim to prevent death.




the people who brought shame to those who chose not to vaccinate. Remember all the leaders and people in positions, who insisted in ostracizing the unvaccinated, stripping them of all human rights ? Remember all the politicians and judges who hid behind unconstitutional made-up laws, by ignoring real basic laws - stripping people from their basic rights to freedom, opinion and work.

Remember - we said, Never again. That was 73 years ago. Now, we let it happen again.

As if history repeats itself with our help and headlessness - we once again - do not want to remember - pretending as if nothing ever happened. It took only 73 years for helping severe Crimes to be committed against Humanity.

Just wow. Ain't we fantastic ?

We, so modern, mobile phone oriented, ultra educated, digital-era types of human beings ?

What the fuck.

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