For the time being that I am recovering from an ear infection, for which i am not allowed to work as a subway driver, when your ear is impaired (or your sight for that matter) - but it is healing well each day, and soon I can go back to work.


Contact Lenses - a first time

Talk about Amateur... Well, I am that guy.

I have never had contact lenses in my life - so now I am sometimes using them occasionally in order to see sharp at infinity, which helps for example when going out to take pictures. And second, it is absolutely amazing to see sharp at infinity - with a feeling which ever time makes it feel so joyful. I didn't realize, how much i felt disconnected during the past few years, because of this ever so slight blurriness. Sure, i can walk though town without glasses - it works perfectly - but the finest of details remain blurry. People's faces at larger distance, their subtle expressions, remain invisible to me without glasses.

So during the last week I have been trying out contact lenses. Those single use lenses - which by the way are an absolute pain to get onto the eyes... mama mia, they are so crazy thin, that it sometimes takes ages before i get them on... *LOL*


Ooops. I forgot to take the contacts out...

Last night, i forgot them to take out before sleeping. So, when i woke up... everything was a blur. But once I got them out - things where not normal anymore. It was exactly like a fog or haze filter. With glasses I could see sharp-ish, but at the same time fine details like letters, were hazy, where white overlaps into the black.

Clearly amateur *LOL* forgetting to take out contact lenses... Well, this error i will not make again. Luckily i had tear fluid at home - and after I gave a drop into my eyes, it was temporarily better. So, during the night, i have been doing this like 10-12 times, and now the eyes start to normalize; I can work at the computer again (which was almost impossible).

So yeah, I am grateful that my eyes return to normal again !


Humbleness over the body's complex intelligent design

This error gives you a deeper thought of how important the eyes actually are. How easy it is to take so many things in and about your bodies for granted. Even I make that mistakes over and over again (albeit I also get opposite impulses of pure joy; when I think deeper about how absolutely fantastic the design of our bodies are; the cells, the immune system, the extreme complexity of so many aspects, the duty of organs and so on. It all is absolutely mind boggling). And it makes me feel humbleness.


Contact lenses for ever ? Nope.

No, i only use them sometimes outdoors - for photography or what I go out and about. Otherwise i prefer glasses - but also in order to let eye breathe naturally. Contact lenses isn't someyhing I would want to use all the time. But for the occation - it is genious.

- 196 -