The original article writes "Snow Extent among the highest in 56 years". No actually, it was THE HIGEST SINCE observations begun 1967 !


The data comes from NOAA, which is interesting, given that they usually play an ambivalent roll in terms of good and bad (in hindsight manipulated) data.


Influence on this winter 2022/23

Naturally, such large extend of snow over the Northern Hemisphere existing already in November, will have influence over our winter times 2022/23, possibily creating a lot more winter than we have been used to...

Northern Hemisphere snow extent is currently indeed very high, now at about 41 million square kilometers, according to the NOAA/Rutgers Global Snow Lab. The recent snow cover information is given in the image below.


A couple of weeks have passed

since the above graph, so the record is already gone for the time being, 8 Nov 2022. Still it is a remarkable development that the snow extent was so large in the end of Nov 2022. The really latest version you see below.



Al Gore's Nobel Prize for what ? For lying...

Al Gore predicted that in 2013 the Northern Ice cap will be gone. Oh Wey. Well, we know that this didn't turned out so well. But for this he got the Nobel Prize - and on top - more common than not - no repercussions has been paid by him, for bluntly lying to the world audience.

If you would have done that in your company... they would have fired you. Just mentioning.


8 Dec 2022, a little less. Yet more is coming.

Speaking of snow extend around 8 Dec 2022, it has slightly gone less, so there isn't a record present in this moment.

Anyway, the old in Rågsved still exists in places where the sun couldn't reach it. Something like 10-13 cm in larger patches. The rest has melted away. Of course, all the shuffled snow hills, are still left as well. So, when you exit the Rågsved subway station station walking towards the school, it looks like as if winter never left the building during the past 2 weeks when the temperatures were above 0°C.

On the roofs, the snow didn't all melt away (from the snow event of 21-22 Nov 2022).


Swedish Weather authorities SMHI did something nasty !

They officially capped the Snow event from November at 25 cm !!! by not measuring it the next day when there was even more snow. By doing this - the official amount of MAX snow, is kept at 25 cm - despite the fact that the inner city and the southern Suburbs got the most snow, up to 50 cm.

Why was this done that what ? And why was their behavior this time so different compared to 9 Nov 2016, when 39 cm snow were measured at 07.00 in the morning - and executed an extra measurement at 19.00 for the special occasion - which resulted into a whopping 47 cm - which is now listed as an unofficial November Snow Record for Stockholm

Why wasn't this done on 22-23 Nov 2022 ? It clearly was another major record snow event.

Instead they capped it; officially the highest amount of measured snow is simply kept at 25 cm officially. Because in the next morning at 07.00 no measurement at all was done. Ignored. (Which would been the most important measurement, showing a lot more snow).

Another morning later - the snow depth officially was set at a futile 8 cm - while we in Rågsved still had a whopping 32 cm - despite the temperatures at BOTH places hovered around 2.5°C - it cannot melt a very thick snow cover that fast... with only 8 cm remaining !

It all smells funky to me.


The November Snow Record that "never" happened

It is sad - because extreme weather events usually go to the history books and special notes... marking special key points in weather history. But due to the weird handling of Swedish SMHI, the Stockholm November snow record "never occurred".

This reminds me a little bit of the extrem MAX temperature in Stockholm last summer... which all of the sudden compared to the registered MAX temperature, jumped next day upwards by 1.3°C to i believe 34.8°C.


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