Time to prepare for Christmas

Tomorrow I'll go to Lidl buying some ingredients for Christmas - such as almonds and hazelnuts - in order to make German Classic Zimtsterne - for when Maria Grazia, Paola and Carla arrive in a week.

I also will buy Christmas Stollen, which is a sort of heavy, dry-ish Christmas cake with raisins dried fruits in it, and sugar powdered on top (which i think it a bit excessive, and I used to brush it off a bit). OK, Lidl isn't home made, and not nearly as good as the best - the only place where you can a little bit of German inspired food here in Sweden. I think Gunnarssons also sells it - but to absurd prices something like 250 SEK / 20-25 Euro or something. Their prices are often astronomical, using their their legacy name which everybody knows in Stockholm - but the quality isn't always there... However real Christmas Stollen does have a lot of ingredients in it - so it does cost quite a lot (I assume?), even if you do it on your own.

Speaking of home made... I wonder how it is done ? What are the ingredients ? Hm... good question. Some of them need to "rest for 4-6 weeks" before you cut them... WOW !

but let's go back to the delicious Cinnamon Stars.


Reminds me of Ulli in Berlin

The Cinnamon stars "Zimtsterne" - I remember Ulli often put into the package he would send to me. I love the memory, and i do hold it dear (yeah, I do often think of him, not because of the package, but because deep down - he is an incredible person - and I wonder how the past 3 years have impacted him in Berlin.). The Corona politics in Germany are so beyond absurd, i have no words. I often read with heavy heart about the severe lies and brainwash that's been done to the German people... It really hurts and more than I can express.


We made them last Christmas

The Zimtsterne is an "Ulli" memory & memories from my teenage years. I simply love the taste and smell of Cinnamon stars; their nutty taste and smell, and the lemon infused sugar coating.

Last Christmas, Sal and I made them - and they were absolutely delicious. Therefore, They are definitely on the list. And boy, i already see them diminishing rapidly in a household of 5... because they are so yummy *LOL* Even with only two in the apartment, the Cinnamon stars did not last long last year... Sal and I are typical sweet "noses", always at it if there is something sweet at home.

I better plan for several batches this year ;-)



Uppsala just 80 km north of Stockholm reporting frikkin' -20°C. *brrr*

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