Some part of Sweden

have registered temperatures below -30°C, as well in Southern Norway in the mountain regions down to at least -33°C. Even here in the wider region of Stockholm, temperatures have reached to -20°C or slightly below - such as Airport outside of Uppsala, 80 km north of Stockholm.

In the City of Stockholm it is reaching values close to -10°C. Even here in the Southern Suburbs, the temperatures are approaching -10°C, with Tullinge even almost reaching -20°C. (7 km from my place). My thermometer shows -11.1°C, so it is likey a bit closer if properly measured at 2 meter height... *suoer brrr*

So yeah. Like, dah ! Winter is truly here... In terms of snow not super much - only 2-4 cm in general - but cold it truly is, and electricity prices getting hotter by the hour *rolling my eyes to heaven*


White Christmas ? Possibly, maybe

However, for the days before Christmas, a lot milder air is on it's way to Scandinavia. Then it may fall again, just enough to give a while Christmas, or at least some snowflakes ?

We shall see...


GFS prognosis

This is the model which American GFS is calculating (and likely changing again every 6 hours). But there seem to be a tendency of a mild period prior Christmas, and then colder during Christmas Holidays. Towards New Year, it will likely get mild again. But to be honest, you can take that with a huge amount of salt - because it will for sure change many times over, as we get closer to New Year's Eve.

The snow depths are off with GFS. They are saying "we've got 10-13 cm snow as of 15 Dec 2022".

Well, we don't - and that is the reality.

A bit newer prognosis below

- with a longer, milder period, but a colder ending of the year.

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