Cold Air bubble

Temperatures down to -21.9°C have been registered, in a place called Svanberga near Norrtälje, around 85 km NE of Stockholm, but also Floda SW of Stockholm, reported -21.0°C. Even here in the Southern suburbs as well in the city of Stockholm (Observatoriekullen, Rådmansgatan) - it is cold with temperatures around with - 9.6°C to -11°C.

Also Middle Europe is cold, with temperatures down to -10°C to -13°C in Berlin, -10°C in Belgium and East Holland, down to -12°C in Wales, UK as well in the Southern UK west of London. Poland reports temperatures down to -16°C in the Northwest, and Denmark also had stations with temperatures down to -14°C in the north. Finland it worse down to -29°C in the north, and down to -25°C in the middle of Finland.


Electrical cars at -20°C sounds "reasonable" doesn't it ?

People forget that we still have polar regions in Winter in Europe, and that the cold can easily pull down southwards at any time. Sometimes it doesn't do that so often, and sometimes it really makes the world slow down at bizarre cold temperatures.

Try to do your electrical car thing... good luck with that, folks. And wake up for a change. By the way, cold kills 20x more people than heat does according to more serious studies... And sure, mobile phone kids with thin clothes stamping around, don't really get old at really deep temperatures - that is for sure.

Sometimes i wonder, if we people have turned too much into a sort of "virtual world", make-believe world which doesn't really exist (that much). Gradually though decades, has alienated our sense of reality and replace it with departed (non existing) realities. Then wen life really strikes at it's coldest - things suddenly look very different from what we thought... That we don't factor in, that reality also has very cold sides to offer.

But how does all that work out, during blackouts for example ?


Fool me once, fool me twice

Only because it doesn't happen often, doesn't mean it will never happen. In order to strike a healthy balance, you have to factor in possibilities. Especially in times when the Powers To Be and Wannabees, pushing humanity harder and harder (often under the label "save this, save that", and "it's good for you"). In reality, the ruling class and it's religious followers give a rats ass about ordinary people.

We have forgotten that, and seem to listen to every fart puffs written in public spaces, telling you what to believe - and it's good for you. That "we" have to do all the things (they tells us to).

It is that sad, because this leads to people becoming weak, thrown into poverty, loosing jobs, getting injured, even dying because of the decisions our leaders tell us to follow...

Sure, it's all "safe and sound".


American GFS Clowns... change the prognosis

Yeah, it just changes all the time, every 6 hours anew, you get something different. Now, they predict that the temperatures will be all on the plus side throughout Christmas with rain rater then snow. Tralala. Clowns anyone ?

It's really "funny" to watch... Well, I hope that it will be more winter like during the rest of December. Sure is that milder air is on it's way. What isn't sure, is if it stays that way over Christmas, or just passes, with colder air flowing into Scandinavia again.

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