For a long time, I wasn't able to find that particular photo of Sal - in which he looks like "Neo" in the movie "The Matrix". Finally I stumbled across it in my "Shadow Diary" on the iPhone, which I happened to browse through.

A pity is, that who ever took a digital image of the paper photo, (it was a photo taken from a video) was blurry - so with help of a little bit of Topaz Photo AI, i was able to recover some details - even if it looks slightly "funky" in the face expression/eyes. As you may know - or not - Photo AI can "restore" faces. Which for most of the time actually works well - but not always.

Anyway, it is a startling photo him standing at the stage singing. And boy, did the guy have a pipe... a stunning voice ! We just recovered a music cassette from the same time of 1992 - so I was able to listen to his voice from back then. Beautiful !

And... he looked just like "Neo"


"The reflection has changed a bit"

Of course... the reflections has changed a little, albeit the main characteristics of Sal's face - which makes Salvatore look like typically Sal, are all the same even today. (I've seen other young images of Sal).


The more mature look of Southerners

I find it fascinating tat many dark haired guys from South Europe often look much more mature, when they are in their mid 20s. I mean Sal was how old ? Around 24 I guess, assuming the photo was taken around 1992.



Bizarre cold

It sounds and is an exaggeration, of course. But every time you get deep temperatures for the first time in a winter season, it feels... special. A tiny bit dramatico, so to speak. Naturally - temperatures down to -24°C in the outer suburbs of Stockholm (wider area), is simply not a unique occurrence in Dec, Jan or Feb. This is what can and does happen, when cold air flows into our region, comes to a standstill, and makes the temperatures plummet. Like mercury; the heavier cold air collects at the bottom of any valley - and stays there.

Temperatures in the citycore of Stockholm are surely not as fierce. For the past days and nights, it's been hovering around -10°C pretty constant. Even here in Rågsved in the Southern Suburbs, it's just moderately cold. Yet remember; my thermometer isn't placed 2 meter above the ground in an open space. but at 10 meter height on the balcony.

So, i am sure the temperatures are lower than what I get on my thermometer. Which by the way shows almost -12°C. which is the lowest I have seen the past days.

I am also sure that at the Högdalen subway depot my have lower temperatures, more like -15°C. The 7 km distant Tullinge station, a former military airfield and a known "cold hole", reported -18.6°C at 19:00 and even lower in Norrtälje, with -23.3°C at 19:00


We are living in a sub polar country after all

The last days temperatures are formidable - but also no records of any kind. That's what you can get in Middle East Sweden this time of the year, with or without "Climate Change". After all - the weather does change, and so does the climate over time, too. It's the natural course of things - seemingly so easy to forget. With or without humanity.


The outlook

via American GFS, calls for rapid milder weather - and then cooling during the Christmas Holidays, likely with some snow. It appears that the weather centers are starting to get in agreement about the scenario for Christmas - being cold - but both before and after, being mild (above 0°C)

Well, we shall see.

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