Yesterday evening

as I walked to work, it was still icy cold with -13°C, with some parts far outside of Stockholm (Norrtälje-Svanberga) reporting -25.0°C and Tullinge -20.0°C. When it is that cold, you're paying a bit less of attention to your surrounding, while focusing more on the road, trying not to fall on your butt...

During my night's driving though Stockholm, there were stations which had absolutely clear weather - and then suddenly, you would dive into dense fog with billions of tiny crystals hanging in the air. If you stood near a strong street lamp, those would blink crazy like fairy dust. Absolutely mind boggling pretty. As if the universe is coming down, sending a greeting - while you are floating around.

When I ended my duty this morning and went off Rågsved station around 05:43, the temperatures had risen considerably, now "only" -4.3°C - which gave you this "mild" feeling. There was absolutely no wind what so ever.

The landscape with all the trees stood there, totally frozen without a hitch of movement, while every little detail coated from white hoar frost. It looked endlessly magic, I have no words. Really the kind of scenery, in which I was gaping with open mouth, looking up all the time - and trees, especially the birch trees, liked like the holy trees of "Eywa" in Avatar

It was that beautiful !!!

Simply stunning to see everything white coated like that - but without that bizarre cold - making the experience suddeny a joyful one !

These are the moments worth living for - I thought. That was exactly such a moment !

As the whole landscape was dressed in white, and you linger witht mind and heart - with big eyes a like that of a child - walking through a fairytale.

(Instead of being glued with your nose onto the mobile phone screen !)

- 206 -