Weather outlook

it seems that there is "general agreement" about that Christmas 2022 in Stockholm will be on the colder side. Albeit the latest GFS allows the temperatures to go up to +1°C on Christmas Eve - but that shouldn't stop any snow from falling. The colder tendency will start taking place during 23 Dec 2022 - and could stay like that for the rest of the year.

The family will spend a White Christmas here in Stockholm - all of them this time. Carla comes from Lisbon, Portugal, And Maria Grazia from Sicily in Southern Italy. Both are arriving in Stockholm on the same day. Paola already arrives in two days, from Torino in Northern Italy.

It will be the first time the whole family comes together in Stockholm - Weheee - and our home will be at times very lively with 5 people under the same roof. Luckily, I am off work at least for 3 days, 23-25 Dec, but for the rest of the nights, I'll be working my night shifts at the Stockholm subway.


Night Shift subway work for 2023

Speaking of work, I also got my fixed night shifts for 2023, which means I am working according a fixed schedule, only during night time. I love those duties - they are really "best in test" - and kind of the goal i always wanted to end up - because night time work is the best kind of work suited for my type of being.

Well - it took over 22 years to get there, and next year i will have worked 25 years on my "pathetic little Green Line" - like Perry once called it, back in 2011 in an email.

At least I am not a cocksucker bitch who encourages other people to take genetic altering, potentially deadly injections, pretending they are for protection, health and safety. Utter poppycock BS to say the least.

I may have a "pathetic" work (which I don't think is pathetic at all) - but one things is for sure: I do not indulge into criminal activities within or in the name of "Science & Medicine". Stupid frikkin' idiot - it still can make my blood boil when i think about it. But then, Perry always has been a humble servant to the "fancy-schmancy elite". Kind of a fuzzy feeling.

Seen from a higher perspective - it's his choice, and I am absolutely sure he is happy with them. I think like this: He too, is a spirit, living a human experience called "Perry" - who has chosen to experience the choices he made in life. And so it is - neither more, nor less - and that is all alright, too. In it's full right.

So, I can bitch whatever I like - which is anyway based on ego, when it comes to that. So, it doesn't really count.

Deep down, I know that.


Local Railway

I have additionally worked 6 years at the local railway Saltsjöbanan - so in reality, i have 31 years rail bound traffic profession under my belt - serving the people. I never thought I would work with railway and subway... but this is how it went. Kind of strange, what we people end up with.


Weather outlook - With a Grain of Salt

So, here is the American GFS outlook - where things look to be on the colder side of things. As usual . anything beyond 3,4 or 5 days, you must take with a grain of salt - because it will change more often than not.


20 Dec 2022 • WTF Correction

What a bummer. They changed the outlook quite considerable... Look at this now. More on the mild side of things. It is fascinating how often the model weather outlooks change into "nearly the opposite".

There is still a chance for snow and cold during Christmas Eve, but then it is predicted to go to the mild side - with the snow melting.



When weather models become obsolete within 12 hours !

I am going to stop to write about this model BS, because it just doesn't make sense with these models I/you can barely rely on. Writing about them means, it is changing far too often (into the opposite scenario) and then I wonder, why the f did I write about about them in the first place - when they get obsolete within the next 6-12 hours.

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