Well it is a bit "springtime like" outside, albeit not with the sun shining, but overcast, pretty gray and damp weather. Yet, it feels nice during the night with up to 6°C, and I don't really freeze during work hours when I am at the train depot.

But the snow is gone (except for the snow mountains they shuffled and stacked together). With that, it is also darker again. Speaking of dark - it is winter solstice today. In fact in this very moment around 22.00. From here we go towards brighter times... geographically/astronomically speaking.


Cold Christmas Eve - then mild again

Nevertheless, the prognosis for 23 Dec and Christmas Eve calls for colder weather - but that may only last until 25 Dec, when it is predicted to get mild again. We may get a little bit of snow on 23 Dec, but nothing on Christmas Eve (so the earlier prognosis of 7 cm snow, is already... gone to cyberspace; into the void of digital nonthingness). Instead we may actually get some sunshine on Christmas Eve, which would be nice for a change, to be honest. Speaking of sunshine, I haven't updated my sunshine hour charts for December...

Let's have a look.


Only 13 hours of sunshine this far

1-21 December 2022: 13.2 hours sunshine we have had. That's slightly more than a half hour of sunshine per day. Really not much to write home about. But not as extreme like Dec 2020 (with only 3.6 hours sunshine in total, or 10 minutes in average per day).

At the same time, we are on the low side in Dec 2022. I believe the normal average total in December for Stockholm lies around 35-40 hours. (That's a guess)


Autumn & Winter 2020

Let's have a look how the year of 2020 ended in terms of sunshine hours in Stockholm. Not fun. The 30 day average went down to almost 0. No wonder, that sevral of my plants died. January 2021 wasn't so good, either. (24.5 hours sunshine totalt)

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