Goofy Photo

I didn't have any better than this, where all four were together; Sal, Maria Grazia, Paola and Carla. Especially Carla often makes faces when you point a camera to her *LOL*

All five together here in Stockholm was the first time ever. But even in Sicily, it's been many years we were all together !


The time was... absolute fantastic.

And oh man, what a lively place !!!! *smiling wide* Carla and Paola - they are truly young women now. They have developed incredibly during the past 5 years - at all levels, in so many ways. Young adults - and we talked like adults. Yet, the playfulness was all over the place, too.


German Cinnamon Star Cookies

I look totally goofy-strange on that photo, when we put the sugar coating onto the hazelnut-almond cookie doe.

Staying awake so long on my first free day on friday, made the day really turn out long. Usually, after coming home from work in the morning, i would sleep until evening. In fact, my triple free days, felt almost like 6 days off work ! That way I was able to experience the family. While later, when I started to work, I didn't really see them so much (nor did I make any photos later).

The sugar consumption peaked. Those German Cinnamon Star cookies, were made out of 1 kilo almonds + hazelnuts, and altogether 750 gram sugar. Totally insane... And yeah, we ATE THEM ALL. Plus the 20 bottles of German Aventinus Beer, one of the World best beers you can ever taste on your tounge. It is simply a divine beer, way out of the ordinary.

Total success - the girlz LOVED it.


Sugar Sugar on the wall.... who ate most of all ?

In the future, our consumption of fast carbs and sugar will be stripped to a minimum for 2023. It has to be. Closing in on 60 of age for both of us in a couple of years - i think it is a wise decision. It means ee do have to change our behaviors in terms of sugar and fast carbs. This cannot go on in the same way. After all, we do enjoy to live - and love to live a couple decades more.

Nevertheless - the Cinnamon cookies where divine. Luckily we only make them once a year *LOL* I wonder if it is possible to use Xylitol instead of sugar ? I don't know.

Ok, Let's have some fun expressions from this short week with Mary, Carla, Paola and Sal. (In essence they were only here for 6 days. A short week). I'll write more about the time later - next year ;-)

- 209 -