Caring about our local environment is one thing (I consider to be a good thing), while the tale of Climate Change, is a deeply flawed, literal nefarious plan to write humanity into a new kind of Totalitarianism, which likely will create widespread poverty and immense cases of illness and death. Because it is going planned and already being implemented at all levels - while you are busy with your frikking mobile phone, and couldn't care less.

But then - how is it we actually learn lessons ? The hard way. When the shit hits the fan and in your face.

The Corona Plandemic and the longer time planned genetic injections, the latter which causes 13-20 millions death of healthy people, and an additional 100 million people gotten their live altered, even change for ever due to the severe side effects

While we were busy at our mobile phones, and couldn't care less. And if someone ever spoke about it, you just give them a deaf ear, and then return to your Whatsapp and Tic-Tok world.



Net Zero
( linked article )

What does that mean ? Good question. Let's put it bluntly with some examples.

• All airports in the UK except Heathrow, Belfast and Glasgow to close by 2030.
• No flying at all by 2050.
• No new petrol/diesel cars by 2030**

• By 2050 road use restricted to 60% of today's level.
• Food, heating and energy restricted to 60% of today's level by 2050.
• Beef and lamb to be phased out by 2050

Sound 's "cool" doesn't it. ?


Woke Stockholm Green Party

is so extreme, that they would love to forbid all diesel cars in the inner city of Stockholm by 2024. (I think what really happens is that all diesel and gasoline cars will be forbidden to be sold in Stockholm by 2030 (or 2035). Funny diesel cars are actually very environmental friendly, with all the tech added, much better than gasoline cars. And it was taught like that - but all of the sudden, diesel became to be the new evil - and the Swedish Gov turned against the citizens by 180° - which explained why the diesel price all of the sudden, jumped to higher levels than gasoline.

Well, there was a time, when we got taught that food is made into ethanol, being "good for the environment", and sponsored heavily. Until it died out. I thought back then it was utterly crazy to use food, as a diver for cars. I mean what the fuck; based on food to drive cars ?!


Governments are mainly puppets - especially today

The saddest thing is, that today's politicians have no fuck education. They do not even come from real professions and jobs. They go into politics directly these days. It's disgusting. And utterly detrimental to honest democracy - if such a thing ever existed. But today's politicians are like ads, promising the world, empty like a coke bottle. Politicians 40 years ago, still came from real jobs, and had much better education.

Fascistic anyone ? Oh nooo. It's all climate change, to save the world. Ego’s who live in their own bubble, without even looking at all the data that exist. Because they ONLY look at the data that is ALLOWED to be shown in the public space. Everything else is scrapped. Falsified. Denied. And then doing the projecting on others thing, by calling out anyone who is critical to their idea,s of being "Climate Change deniers" (which in itself is a weird expression... how can anyone "deny" climate changes on a dynamic, living planet !?

I mean, how infantile isn't that ? Are we back at the school garden developing first little Mafia methods on how to curb anyone else who doesn't agree ? Only now it is played out everything in parliaments as well in the public space shown off in TV and media ?


"Net Zero" - Nefarious at many levels

It's exhausting. It's also deeply nefarious at so many levels, that it is mind boggling to say the least. To play like this with human lives, environment and the planet. Because the funny thing is, that everything that DOES actually poison the planet - often is neglected, ignored and put under the carpet. While THAT what actually is good for the planet, is denied and called evil. Such as CO2, which is the gas of life, and the primary nutrition for most plans on earth. They need the stuff to live. Without it - they die.

We are already historically at an extreme low level with 413 ppm. Plants get stressed and are more vulnerable for disease when the CO2 levels are low. Also, they need more water when the CO2 levels is below 600 ppm. Deserts are growing when the CO2 levels fall.


Upside Town World.
Evil = Good. While Good = Evil.

Why do i get the feeling of living in an upside down world, the way we are now taught what is "right" and what is "wrong" ? The claim of what is Bad, vs what is good - seem to be totally upside down; kind of like a deliberately supported subversion, in which the bad is shown off as being good to the public. While we adapt to those beliefs, digging gradually our graves.

But my words will have no echoes, simply because a world with sleeping people, doe not hear, do not see, and does not fully realize the strings that are pulled behind the curtains.

Since the Plandemic, the deep evil that has been perpetrated by so many people, saying the shit is good for your health and protects your family, albeit real data shows, that for every shot your immune system is being increasingly destroyed - Since then I do not believe anything the Government or Authorities say is "good for you".


One of the Biggest Crimes ever committed

It is one of modern history’s biggest crimes in the world. And for that very reason, Gov and Authorities have not my respect, and do not tell me, what is "good for me", due to the extreme betrayal they have done, against humanity, and their own citizens.

It is inexcusable to me.

And the same people tell me that the planet is about to fall, due to "climate change". Now how plausible is that - while at the same time, the real toxins released into our environment, and being ignored while being put into your food - all that is OK, then ? Not for me.

Climate change my ass. While ignoring the real dangers. And on top also injecting animals with toxic mRNA injections, ready for consumption to the people. And the GMO stuff and pesticides.


But hey, CO2 is the enemy, right ?

Gosh, so much utter BULLSHIT that is put into our head's I cannot believe it.



Common sense

Thanks God, I had a Grandmother, who at so many levels was on top of things, with old knowledge, practical knowledge and how to do things in reality, without BS attached to it. And she saw the gradual changes that's been rolled out onto people, making food more industrial, with the consequences of disease. Higher prices and BS taste, compared to traditional home made food. But then she also experienced the second world war, which cut into her deeply, with a lot of damages to her body, as the only survivor in a 6 story building that was bombed by the British - and she was the sole survivor after 30 hours buried there. And thought to die. But she didn't.

So, yeah, I do trust her, her guts, her knowledge, Her beautiful common sense. And the thing is, now that i am older, i understand much better what she tried to tell me when i was 22.

NOW i get it. And now I also understand her sometimes "dark mood". Because it weighted heavy on her - as she saw the world changing into something gradually darker - due to the changes that already had been implemented back then in the 70s and 80s. She saw that serious issues were amiss with what the official narratives where telling people - wasn't really in the honest interest of people, the population. But they were sold as being "best for you and humanity".

Oh gosh.


Woke Inner City Green Ideas & People
(Café Latte beings)

I am sure people who live in the inner cities couldn't care less about it, too. Because living in a bubble, "protected" and surrounded by illusionary lifestyles, thoughts and ideas, make any kind of realism go lost on people, including the young, who have been since they were small, indoctrinated by schools, news and universities. Taught in the most illustrative, delightful and "scary" way, that if we don't remove all CO2 emissions, the world will end. Or something like that.

Based on a deeply flawed model - touted by media and governments and advertising "go green" to exhaustion that one almost wants to barf at the sight of it.


Germany - all nuclear power plants ended
(article link)

I've always suspected that the Power to Be, have an evil eye on Germany, and with all their might and powers, to make sure, that Germany gets destroyed - by any means. It's been such a long activity in that regard, stretching almost 130 years back in time. Why do you think Hitler came to power ? not because he wanted to save Germany - but to the perfect candidate to make war against Russia - which also is one of those countries in the world, the Powers to be have strived to destroy for a very long time.

Now German tankers and weapons are once again used in a war against Russia. (How many times does it take to lean a lesson - not to make or participate in war ? When to the GERMAN PEOLE LEARN TO SAY UNANIMOUSLY NO TO WAR?

Imagine the extreme volatility attached such endeavour by participate in wars, especially against Russia. The Green Party is now by far the fiercest, most aggressive War party in existence in Germany (Talk about a switch): more weapons, more tanks, more everything.


The Baerbock Doctrine

And a Foreign brain-blown-out Minister BAERBOCK, who says she cares more about Ukrainians than German Citizens, and that the Germans can think whatever they like. She appears to have forgotten, that the power she has, comes from the people, and not the other way around (if applied correctly - which is rarely anymore the case these days of "Democracy, see notorious Liar and Corrupted Criminal Ursula van der Leyen, the Puppet that no fuck voted for, to play blonde top doll of the EU).

Anyway; Diplomacy isn't German Foreign Minister Baerbock's strength. Telling Putin to make a 360° turn... *rolling my eyes*

Uhm... IQ ? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer - but useful for the dark plans in store for Germany.


Foreign Minister Baerbock: 20 lies in her curriculum vitae

And as it so happens her curriculum vitae has been changed 20 times, due to the lies which got revealed in hindsight shown that most of it was just fabrication - when she has applying for the job as Germany's Foreign Minister (Green Party), which is supposed to represent the TOP POSITION in DIPLOMACY of Germany.

She can't even speak German, as she often swallows letters and the words she says, come out totally weird. She has made many blunders in that regard, and one wonders, what is she made of ?! I have never heard anyone talking like her, why she makes so many mistakes as if she didn't go to school or something. It's really weird. You can find it on the internet.

Also notice the slogans with which the Green Party and her at the top, made ads against war and weapons. And soon after she got into power - it's all about weapons and more weapons.


No weapons and armaments to war zones
Ready because You are
Vote Green


And that is how they fuck you.

Every single time. However, the betrayal has never been so blunt, fast and brutal, between the promises, and then the direct turnaround into the exact opposite position AND action: That the Green Party of Germany is now a fierce hate and warmongering, weapon & tank & soon airplane delivering Party... It is beyond scandalous.

In fact - it is a Crime.


Throw Robert Habeck into the weaponry mix

hat woman is so beyond anything else the world has ever seen in terms of an Foreign Minister. A sham, a disgrace, a puppet with a very, very dark agenda, destroying Germany down to it's roots. Throw in Children book author Robert HABECK in, who is now the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and also part of the Green Party.



I saw one video from around 8-10 years ago, when Habeck stated, he loved to see that the German toilette water would become be so clean, that you can drink from it....

Uhm. Seriously ? What a hogwash.

He batters down the German Economy with the speed of light, as we speak. He should continue to write Children Books instead of playing Bill with the German Economy. But hey, the US RAND cooperation - which in practice forges the Foreign Politics of the US, did outline several years ago, that Baerbock and Habeck are perfect candidate to be used, to tilt Germany, aligning to the US agenda of what to come, what's planned for: the destruction of Germany’s economy.

Signed off by the US, via RAND cooperation.

Hm. Sounds like the US are great buddies to have as Allies, doesn't it ? Committing then just another action of war: by destroying the Nord Stream pipelines with help of the Scandinavian Countries, especially Norway, but also Sweden and Denmark have corners of involvement in the primary action.


Installations of most houses with Heat Pumps

German citizens thanks to Habeck, soon have to redo their houses, installing heat pumps and isolation (in order for heat pumps to work more effectively), as oil and gas warming will be forbidden (!). This means, that even debt free house owners, have to invest between 100.000 to 250.000 € in order to comply to the new Green Laws. Habeck tells the people that this is profitable - but doesn't understand (he does, but doesn’t care and just performs orders, right?) , that even when you pay off the heat pumps over 20 years, it still doesn't make to meet the ends. And they only last around 20 years.

It is a disaster of epic proportions what is now being put on top on the people of Germany. Many already struggle with electricity prices and prices on gas... plus the inflations bogging them down. Now you have to add new loans of large proportions just to invest into the silly investments by the Green Party. While the Industry in Germany is starting to move abroad, unemployment rising, and the Damnation of CO2 and Climate Change are indoctrinated into the citizens like a blaring propaganda fanfare "every hour", kind of like - East German DDR style.


Wheels within Wheels

And somehow I sense the smell of an old hidden, unnamed enemy; a kind of entity / group interest, who loves to deceive, loves to divide and loves among other things, to make the German people suffer humiliation as much as possible, as long as possible. For ever if possible.

Which is funny, because the real perpetrators behind many wars, are the same who continue dividing nations, groups and people, pitting them against each other. Only that way, you can control the world populations. Any tool seems right for the hidden hands in the Game of Thrones on our planet.

By way of Deception Thou Shalt Make War. - Anything goes, right ?

Any tools and hidden group thinking. from amateur to professional murderers. Talk about Psychopathic principles... that fuels it. "They borrow us their minds". I would say, reptile / predator kind of mental minds. No empathy. (A lot of pretending "to care"). Serving to Self (STS) which is the opposite of true Serving To Others (STO)


German Baerbock & Habeck

are giving a rats ass about the more and more impoverished citizens of Germany. The present Government in Germany, is the most destructive Government Germany has ever seen since the time of Hitler. They commit High Treason against the Nation and Citizens of Germany, and make sure the country is put with full steam ahead into a iron wall, going into pieces.

And the majority of the German applause to it. The Media there are... it isn't media anymore. It is propaganda, betrayal, criminal and should almost all be abolished due to the High treason, the deliberate lies they spread inside Germany. You could put the American Gov into Germany, and it would be almost the same voice and consequences of what is happening in Germany.

It's deeply nefarious, and I feel sadness in seeing the country getting destroyed now.



Welcome to "1984" -
No more nuclear energy left in Germany

Germany is now without any nuclear power plants since April 2023 - with already the highest electricity prices in the world since a couple of years. I wonder, how this is going to play out, without any what so ever nuclear power plants.

Germany finally pulled the plug on its final three nuclear power plants Saturday, amid an energy crisis ravaging Europe.

As of midnight, Germany's smoking towers of Isar 2, Neckarwestheim 2, and Emsland have been closed. They comprised roughly 4,055 megawatts or 6% of Germany's total energy generation, forcing Berlin to hunt for alternatives as energy costs remain high across much of Europe.

Although there has only been one confirmed death tied to radiation from the Fukushima incident, radioactive contamination unleashed by the meltdown spooked the international community.

"The position of the German government is clear: nuclear power is not green. Nor is it sustainable," Steffi Lemke, Germany's federal minister for the environment and consumer protection, told CNN.

Other European nations have begun ramping up nuclear power exposure as a fossil fuel alternative, including France, which generates more than 70% of its power from nuclear. Some polls have found that public opinion on nuclear power has softened within Germany.

Meanwhile, Germany's coal burning soared to the highest rate in nearly six years, according to data from the site Electricity Maps.


The Isar 2 nuclear power plant

was one of the world most safe nuclear power plant in history - its record stellar - without a single down time during its existence. It has been awarded numerous times for its safety.

The Swedes could learn from that, given how many times the power plants are down up here for every little fart - at times with the rumour that it wasn't always coincidentally. The Germans however are so mind fucked, that they now take off one of the best power plants in existence.

And it takes HUGE amounts of electricity to power a nuclear power plant down. The process takes 20 years. In the first years, the power plant swallows huge amounts of energy in order to cool down the reactor. So, all that power needed, will make Germany's power grid even more volatile and poor. Not to mention the costs involved for a nuclear power plant to be demounted over a course of 20 years plus the huge energy costs involved.


Slave - love your masters !

Greta another puppeteer... exported by Sweden Inc. to the World. Symbolically this all just feels so wrong at so many levels. The one Eye symbol. The black goo running down. Yeah, From Greta Garbo to Greta Thunberg, a primary puppet to "save the world", making sure you gonna get stuck in a black goo.

When do we learn ? And when do we start to discern... The devil usually doesn't come as an ugly beast. The devils come in many shapes, and with sweet tongue and messages.

Fucking messing with your mind. If they tell you to jump out of the window like the monkey, you jump too. Cause' you gotta "save the world" from a near disaster, and as Greta said in 018 the world ends in 2023. Then her handlers took away the tweet in 2023.



Black Goo & Hope

And this is what "hope" looks like. Jesus, seriously ? I've been a photographer long enough to read symbolism and how trying to translate emotions, thoughts and ideas into photography. BLACK GOO isn't one of them i call being related to "black goo" running down over a young girl.

It is an interesting photo, nevertheless. And it can - of course - be interpret in various ways, no doubt. So, i leave that open. But it is the overall feeling, I really don't like (even if i find the photo as such, the effect of the goo, very interesting). I do not associate this photo has anything to do with hope. And the "one eye" symbolic has been used too many times by hidden hands, that the symbolic usually is associated with a hidden hand, and dark forces / influences playing with the minds of humanity.

Just too many times, and it gets just tedious and tried some. They can fuck off with their occult symbolism, and go back to hell from where they came from / got fuelled from. It's just sad, that they used Greta as a tool for such BS.

But she loves to play her roll - and so be it. And we suck up to her fame and get "inspired". She inspired people to get the nefarious genetic injections... just to name a few influences. So, she can fuck herself, supporting crimes against humanity - which in my eyes does not collect her any credits what so ever. Or so we now glorify the Nazi crimes, too ? Well, it actually look like it - another extreme dark phenomena of our current Zeitgeist - which I do not understand, how to succumb to such low, deeply dark levels. All for the sake of "saving our democracy". As if we got any...


Greta not trustworthy in my eyes

Greta Thunberg is in my book in no way trustworthy by having encouraging people to take lethal injections commuting crime against Humanity. Sorry. There is just no way. Nope. Nix. Nada. Not acceptable. Not by a long shot. Same shit as Perry GR pulled "We at Kenes International are supporting vaccinations". What the duck does he even remotely know about mRNA shots and the consequences of artificial, toxic spike proteins anyway ? NOTHING !

Because he didn't do any homework about them in depth, other than reading off the official narrative, which was deeply flawed, given that Pfizer lied about the results at all levels. Most of the numbers were tampered with, and above all - many of the truly crucially important studies, where never conducted.

83% of the pregnant women in the Pfizer test studies, we now know from court orders demands in which Pfizer had to hand over the real numbers - lost their unborn during the "trial". Seems alls so safe, doesn't it ? Well, if you call 13-20 millions deaths from the jabs safe, then I don't know what "safe" means anymore.

So, go fuck yourself for "supporting vaccines", Mr Perry, Greta and all others. Get the "boosters" for all I care.

Good riddance, such assholes of 'modern' times.

It is "funny", to see how ordinary people, become part of a scope, which entangles them into the biggest Crimes of Humanity. I wouldn’t call that to be a favour to humanity, recommending "vaccinations" to people, which killed several times more people, than Covid itself.


When the cure kills many more than the disease

I mean, where is the logic, in jabbing people with lethal jabs, creating more deaths, than the official number of people who died of Covid ? And that official numbers was in reality only 5% of the 6 million they states under the umbrella of "Covid Deaths". People died of age (83 in average), of several co-morbidities in which the flu often kills people at that age, and because of negligence and deliberate wrong treatment protocols, etc.

(Highly toxic Remdesivir by Israeli company Gilead, which also makes the toxic "anti hiv" Gay drug PreP), disallowing oxygen to people in elderly homes, taking away food and medicine in elderly homes, and putting people on ventilators... all caused unnecessary deaths. Plus that all the medicine that what would have worked for Covid and avoid most deaths - got forbidden to be used in most countries (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc)

Isn't THAT strange, if you think about it.

Why would anyone forbid Nobel Prize winning medicines, plus listed on the WHO Primary necessary needed medicines that should to be stocked in very country around the world. in 2020, when the Hydroxychloroquine was known to help patients, and got via WHO in very bad light due to a fraudulent "study", and shortly after right prior the roll out of the lethal Covid19 injections, as it just so happened the Worlds second largest Hydroxychloroquine manufacturing plant, SCI Pharmatech was destroyed in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.



Ooops. Just "Coincidence" of course.

So all the medicines which WORKED against Covid - got forbidden to be used, and made inaccessible to large parts of the population.. Why don't people understand the paradoxes that are now shown in plain sight, of how nefarious the whole Plandemic Scam has been, aligned among most of the world's Governments and their health authorities...


Crimes against Humanity in Italy: Conte & Speranza

Speaking of that, The Italian politicians are in deep shit - because it has now come out via the Bergamo Court Investigation, that ALL info about the mRNA jab's side effects and deaths were totally suppressed by the Italian Government and it's leading politicians (PM Giuseppe Conte) and Health Minister Roberto Speranza, at under no circumstances to allow any info coming out to the Italian Public.




Criminal Health Ministers: Germany's Jens Spahn & Karl Lauterbach

You have the equivalent in most countries, and most of the them get away. Germany had it's fucking shit bag, Former Health Minister Jens Spahn (who more recently wrote a book "we have to a forgive one another a lot") which is funny, given that The real crimes he and others committed, barely have been touched, and are fiercely denied to be spoken about.



Same in Sweden.

The bitch & Co. who promoted the whole injection shit in Sweden as a Health Minister sponsored by Pfizer (meetings she often attained to before the Corona Crisis in order to promote Cancer therapies, yeah). It is the same thing. Committed Crimes against Humanity. But here, there is no debate. Not even any investigations going on. Nothing.


Let's go back to the German Health Minister Jens Spahn

You cannot forgive or be forgiven for anything, before there has been a great revealing of the crimes and those who committed and supported them. As this is totally neglected, Jens Spahn and his idiotic book, is the last person on earth, to be forgiven, or to speak about giving/receiving forgiveness.

Incredible, what a cocksucker bitch. Jens Spahn should be in jail for 25 years, at least.



"Dr" Karl Lauterbach, Current German Health Minister

Current German Health minister Dr Karl Lauterbach - is a disaster of unimaginable embarrassment and incredible liar, to such a degree that it is obvious, almost ridiculous (and easy to reveal in hindsight). The guy who like Covid special (fraudulent) RT-PCR Test creator Drosten, cheated about his "Doctor Title".

I wouldn't even trust that dude as a Drug dealer...

An extreme, notorious liar, changing even wind within a single day of what he says, writes and means. He should be in jail for his rest of his life, for the crimes and lies he has committed against German citizens.

It is breath taking how evil and totally unsuitable that man has been in German Health politics - but gay guy Jens Spahn is no less in that regard. That cocksucker has been sucking up for power for a long time... They imposed anything, give a rats ass of it kills people, just to get their career rising, standing in the lime and cashing in millions of euros.


Organized Criminals, obeying to foreign interests

And they all should be put away for 20-50 years in prison - if honest justice would exist.

But it doesn't in the way how our juridical system works, and has been utterly deeply compromised during the Corona Plandemic, which showed that almost none instances (court justice) any longer work, and no one is even holding up the constitutions and Basics Laws. They have all being ignored, almost all judges didn't do their job, and ignored the Basic Laws.

Which itself is High Treason against a Nation and Constitution. It was really interesting to see how almost all countries in the World, has no more properly working laws, as those were all set aside.


Insects ? Oh so Yummy, right ?

Oh, not to forget - eat insects - it's "good for you". Albeit the contents of it, are highly bad for the human body, and the extreme risk of parasites - which even though the industrial process aren't often gotten rid of. Now a micro-parasite infected body, will have to deal with a wealth of illnesses during a very long time - as it isn't easy to get rid of them, nor easy to detect (due to that mainstream medicine isn't thinking in that direction, often failing to detect the origins of parasitic diseases.


Synthetic food, Bill Gate's "favourite" messaging

Oh. And then we have synthetic food. Based on cancer cell cultures - because that's the shit that grows the fastest - so lab made meat, is based on cancer cells (since they don't die, so they cultivate lab made meat on them). Go figure.

Buon Appetite, darling.


From allergies to cancer:

The risks of synthetic food on human health

There are 53 potential health hazards of synthetic food, according to the report by the World Health Organization and FAO by Valeria Branca • 12 Apr 2023 | 3.55pm

From allergies to tumours, there are 53 potential health hazards of synthetic foods, produced in laboratories, identified in the first Fao - WHO report on " Cellular-based food ", a definition considered clearer than the term " cultivated " preferred instead by the manufacturing industries but deemed to be misleading by the two world authorities.

These are the conclusions drawn from Coldiretti 's analysis of the Report published by the FAO and the World Health Organization which also considers it questionable to use the terms meat, chicken or fish for these products. The 134-page document highlights - underlines Coldiretti - the need to guarantee food safety with the identification of potential dangers in the production chain to further evaluate the associated risks, before commercial diffusion on a large scale.


The dangers of synthetic food

Potential hazards affect the four stages of cell-based food production : cell sorting, production, harvesting and processing. In particular - specifies Coldiretti - the risks according to the experts consulted by FAO and WHO concern the transmission of diseases, animal infections and microbial contamination as well as the need for particular attention on the use of components such as growth factors and hormones used in bioreactors and how these active molecules can interfere with metabolism or be associated with the development of certain types of cancer . Furthermore, according to the Fao - WHO Report the ingredients added to improve the characteristics of the product can cause allergic reactions.

The process involves the use of one or more substances capable of providing cells with appropriate signals to support cell viability, replication and differentiation including serum of animal origin , proteins and peptides (usually recombinant), steroid hormones, acids nucleic acids (e.g. micro-ribonucleic acid (RNA) or mRNA , messenger RNA or mRNA) and small molecular entities.


The question of food safety

A potential food safety problem according to the Report could arise if one or more substances were present in the final product at levels sufficient to cause an adverse health effect on the consumer in relation to their mode of action since typically these substances have not been used in conventional food production so far and it may therefore be necessary to generate data to support a particular safety assessment .

Finally, the document highlights - Coldiretti specifies - other aspects to be explored such as ethical issues, environmental considerations, consumer preference/acceptance, nutritional aspects, production costs, prices of final products and regulatory requirements such as approval and labelling rules.


The improper term for "meat"

In fact, these are production processes that are much more similar to those of drugs and in this area - continues Coldiretti - they must be evaluated. The FAO and WHO paper sheds light on the improper use of the term cultured meat with the objective risk that citizens fall into deception since in reality what is obtained in the laboratory - says Coldiretti - is not meat and is not cultivated.

According to the Treccani encyclopaedia - reports Coldiretti - meat means " the muscular part of the animal's body " and consequently without an animal there is no meat while the meaning of cultivating is " to take care of the land, a plant with work , fertilization and other appropriate means to make them capable of bearing fruit ".

The future commercialization of synthetic food

But it should also be highlighted - Coldiretti continues - the implicit call for precautions due to the potential risks faced with research monopolized by a few groups and large financiers. Indeed, according to FAO and WHO , “ currently there is a limited amount of information and data on the food safety aspects of cell-based foods to help regulators make informed decisions .”

The FAO / WHO document was published after the presentation in Italy of the bill banning the production, marketing and use of artificial food which will now have to be discussed and then approved by Parliament .

Coldiretti's petition

Coldiretti has collected more than half a million signatures from citizens, and from over 2,000 municipalities who have often deliberated unanimously, all regions of every political colour and exponents of every alignment who supported the proposal.

A mobilization which – concludes Coldiretti – has the merit of having turned the spotlight on a business in the hands of a few rich and influential people in the world and until now kept hidden but which can change people's lives and the environment around us, with the positive opening of a discussion in the country and in Parliament which represents the home of Italian democracy.

- 40 -