It is just so fantastic. I think this is not just a tiny, mediocre update, but this Adobe RAW Plugin AI Noise removal is absolutely fantastic. You can literally trim especially older image with higher noise - in particularly color noise, in such a way, that the colors the preserved even at micro detail at the same time as the overall noise is several steps less.

The magic on the color noise, is absolutely... stunning - while at the same time it doesn't loose the color in the fine details. And that is (for me) unheard of. Usually, when you enable color noise reduction, the tendency is that you loose a little bit of the local colors, such in eyes etc. (Especially with high ISO images). But with this feature from the Adobe RAW plug-in - you don't loose any colors what so ever - but the noise is gone (or reduced dependent on your settings between 1% and 100%).

Anyway - it is simply magic.

I works on basically all RAW or DNA files from cameras. But not on TIFF that has been saved as DNG. It also doesn't work with JPG images. For that you can use Topaz Noise AI, Sharpen AI or Photo AI.

I have tested it on RAW files from 2001 all the way to 2023 - and it is simply a wonderful, very powerful tool.

Yeah, and it is free, by the way.


ISO 2000

The original image (above, main photo) of the Northern Lights hanging in the sign of Taurus and Aries, where taken with ISO 200 on a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV camera. Now, it looks as if it was taken with ISO 100. It's really incredible...


Drawback Adobe Noise Removal DNG

The file size of the generated DNG files increases by factor 4x !


Strange Curiosity:

When i preview a Noise Removal DNA file with Apple's built in quick-preview, the image looks like before the Noise Removal AI was applied. That's very curious ! I was not able to extract the original RAW file. Yet, the vastly increased file size must have something to do, that there are two versions embedded (?); the before and after image.


Another example (below)

Below you see another example after the noise AI removal on an EOS R6 ISO 1000 file albeit here shown at 100% screen size. Noise in this regard is of course a matter of taste. Sometimes, a little bit of noise left, makes a photography look subtly more natural. It depends on the motive as well.

Notice the fine structures in the Auroras coming to the fore !


Free choice between 1% and 100%

Remember that you can reduce the noise in a range between 1% and 100%. The color noise is already affected at very low values, while preserving still the noise "as it is".


Creates a DNG file afterwards !

Overall - it is an excellent tool. Especially given that Adobe Noise AI generates a real DNG file, not a jpg.


Older RAW files from Compact cameras

You will be able to fine tune older RAW files, for example from much noisier images back in the days of compact cameras. Here i am thinking of cameras like Panasonic Lumix LX series. It's just a wonderful example of what you are able to do with older photos, bringing them to truly new heights with help of the Adobe Noise Removal AI.



RAW files made with Panasonic Lumix LX7, at ISO 3200 to ISO 6400 - you will see that in the deepest shadows (filled with large colored blotches) the results after Adobe's Noise AI removal - will not turn out well. I am talking about shadow areas you've been making lighter - revealing huge blotches - then the results will not go well. Otherwise, it works OK.

The useful threshold for good Adobe Noise AI on RAW files with Panasonic Lumix LX3 to LX7, lies somewhere around ISO 800-1600.

For Panasonic Lumix LX2 at 400-800 or lower. For Lumix LX1 at 400 (If i remember correctly you can't make RAW files higher than ISO 400 anyway).

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