“Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right. In science, consensus is irrelevant…”

“I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks.”

- Michael Crichton
2003 California Institute of Technology



"In the desert, things find a way to survive. Secrets are like this, too. They push their way up through the sands of deception, so men can know them"

- Indian wise guy
X-Files S02 E25



"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities."

- Voltaire



"Our greatest illusion is to believe that we are what we think ourselves to be."

- Henri Frederic Amiel

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