"763 celebrities die after injection"

The irony in all the damn genetic, experimental genetic injections as being "healthy and for you and your family's protection - supported based on lies shrouded into the most "noble", yet sinister arguments (if one thinks deeper and realized what it literally meant for many people in the world - who got their lives destroyed - and many show have died.

It is actually was document in public, in TV, and in media.

But we just damned those who tried to warn, who tried to speak up. Who tried to be cautious before running into the needles.

But few were listening. Most of the stayed silent, or got aggressive. Thanks bitches - but was it really worth it. And what about all those authorities and "leaders" and healthcare "services", who insisted in how good vaccinations are, and that there are no or barely any side effects.

Yeah - tell that those who got their lives crippled. and the families to those who died. The daughter, the son, the husband or beloved wife, the sister or brother... grandmother and grandfather.

Are you brain washed, to ignore this ? And what's up with you, who in majority do not care, do not react, do not feel much for others...

It is on the verge of bordering psychopathy.

When a society and those in higher position, do no more care. Then it is truly serious - and I wonder, where we a going; where society is going at large.

Healthy young people do not die "out of the blue" or die in their sleep. That is so extremely rare, that you can count it on your fingers. But now, suck deaths have grown rampant in just two years time. And we continue to allow young people, youngsters and babies to get injected with experimental, genetici injections under the false name of "vaccination" - which neither protects, prevents or give any kind of health benefits what so ever.

I am so angry at you people, who ignore this, calling it something "rare" and "has nothing to do with Covid-19 vaccination".

Ignore it - i'll be on you.


- 44 -