As if it was suddenly mid July

From frost bidden nights down to -5°C and chilly days barely reaching 10°C - April felt like a disappointment. Like a very long delay... and then it all got Magically unreal (sort of)

Within a few days - it was DEEP SUMMER... in the end APRIL. Here, at our latitude, as the trees and bushes still hadn't unfolded. It felt absurdly strange with such unusual warmth.


Nature exploded - literally.

It was very surreal I remember, as I walked around at Stockholm Freskati, in this unusual warmth, as if it was mid July, and the trees leafs grew rapidly.

Swedish SMHI had a lovely article on a very special heat record, which turns 30 years, today. I too remember it as being so extreme unusual, kind of out of the blue. It also was the month in which i started to photo Diary, which you now see here as a digital version; with a big image on top, and text below. Only back then, I wrote by hand directly on chemical photo paper, which I made in the darkroom.



It was a chilly April back then in 1993

- and all of the sudden, an onset of warm air swooped into Sweden - but to such an extreme degree, that it turned out to be the warmest day of April, which is a lot in a long series of observations like Stockholm (which started in 1756). It was also the first time ever, that the temperature reached above 25°C in April.

Warmest day of the year - in some cities !

of the Several cities - it was the warmest day of the year (!) Given that this was in the end of April - way outside of the normal summer season. However, after 24 May 1993, the summer was among the coldest on record - it just wouldn't take off that year...


Only 9°C in Stockholm-Saltsjöbaden Archipelago

While Stockholm had officially 26.1°C, Saltjöbaden to the east of Stockholm (Archipelago) registered only 9°C


11 Frost nights

During April 1993, while I still made my own daily observations, I registered 11 frost nights in Stockholm-Enskede down to -5.9°C.


SMHI wrote:

The Swedish April record turns 30 this year

Today, April 27, the Swedish temperature record for April celebrates 30 years. On April 27, 1993, high summer temperatures were recorded in many parts of southern Sweden. Even today, the values from April 27 are still unmatched in both Svealand and southern Norrland. However, it was almost as warm in parts of Götaland on April 23, 1996 and April 29-30, 2000.

The old Swedish April record of 27.5° measured in Borås and Ulricehamn, both in Västergötland, in 1913 was beaten by a good margin on April 27, 1993. The new and current April record was 29.0° from Genevad in Halland. The highest measured temperatures were also recorded in Svealand and Norrland on this day. In Svealand, Risinge in Uppland had 27.8° and in Norrland, Gävle in Gästrikland had 27.1°. It is very rare for all parts of the country to record their absolute highest temperature for a month on the same day. As far as I can find, the only other time this happened was on December 20, 2015 when the highest temperature was 13.7° at Fårösund-Ar on Gotland. 

The map shows the highest temperature in Sweden on April 27, 1993.

Many of the temperature records set in April 1993 still stand today.

In Stockholm, with its 267-year temperature series, this is the only known occasion when the temperature reached over 25°. The maximum temperature on April 27 was 26.1° at Observatory Hill. The previous highest April value of exactly 25.0° was then more than 190 years old, measured in 1802. 

The warmth from the end of April continued well into May. For several stations in southern Sweden, this was the warmest month of May on record, which continued until the exceptional month of May 2018.


Major weather change resulted in
one of the coldest summers of the 20th century

After a month-long period of very warm weather, there was a major weather change at the end of May 1993. This was followed by one of the coldest summers of the century. At the beginning of June, snow fell in Dalarna and Jämtland, in July 300 mm fell locally in inner Halland and August 1993 was one of the coldest on record. In addition, the temperature did not exceed 25° anywhere in Sweden during August 1993, which is very unusual.

The heavy rainfall also gave rise to flooding in Norrland. In several places in southern Sweden, April 27, 1993 was actually the hottest day of the year, including Örebro, Skara, Linköping-Malmslätt, Vänersborg, Jönköping, Växjö and Varberg.

The fact that the warmest day of the year for individual stations occurs already in April, as well as in September, is very unusual but does occur. At national level, however, the highest temperature of the year has not yet occurred in April or September.

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