On "Viertel nach Acht", Sahra Wagenknecht criticizes Robert Habeck's climate policy in Germany, in particular the plan to replace gas and oil heating with heat pumps.

She argues that this would be financially ruinous for many people and inefficient for older buildings. In addition, she says, the power supply for heat pumps in winter usually still comes from fossil fuels, which means the project would have no positive effects for the climate or the environment.

In German held video.

I admire Sarah Wagenknecht, her intelligence and with good common sense making arguments, which in many ways make so much sense, in what she is pointing out.

While the German Government, With Habeck, Scholz and Baerbock - act like a criminal gang set to destroy Germany and the German people, committing high treason, while feeding the hidden hands; the foreign banksters and intererests.

- 48 -