There isn't much to say other than we have unsteady chilly springtime weather - still with frost outside of the inner city of Stockholm. The past two mornings, Tullinge reported -3.5°C. However these frost nights are not unusual, nor is the chilly April weather. It has happened in the past numerous times, and it will happy in the future as well.

I also believe, that this time of the year here in Sweden, there is a psychological impatience present ... you just want the weather to be warmer, can't wait to get rid of the long dark winter - and warmth can't get here soon enough. This creates expectations, which possibily distorts the "common sense of weather this time of the year".

I had to go back in time, look at every April since 1984, just to get a feeling of how it was in the past. Realizing that it has been both colder, as well April months that were warmer.


As of now

and for the time beging 7-10°C at the most, we have showers going down, which at greater height are visible as snow. We also have quite a lot of sunshine, too. Not constantly, but she does come out... (Better than just dull, overcast weather, in my opinion)

After 6 May, we may see a gradual warming with temperatures culminating towards 15-18°C. If that high pressure area comes to Scandinavia...

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