We had a super breakfast a couple hours ago, with Claus and Roger coming over. And boy, my belly is like a little bomb about to explode - but it was soo good. I had earlier bought 10 different types of marmalade from Germany, because here in Sweden we only have a very narrow selection. It's kind of always the same - and i wanted to taste something different (the taste of childhood). Well, today's marmalade is more sweet than I remember. In Germany however, when they make Marmalade - the fruits are honestly ripe - which makes the marmalade more tasty. Boy, I love for example plum marmalade (the dark type). You barely get that here.

A few times you can get a different version of plum marmalade (which is more like strawberry marmalade), but the one I mean, the German type, is dark mushy - which tastes very special ! Another type you rarely ever get in Sweden, is Gooseberry marmalade, and Pineapple marmalade ! Even sour cherry marmalade is almost impossible to get up here.

Anyway, we had a really great time during our breakfast - with all the whistle and bells. Now i feel round like a football bouncing down the stairs.

Roger brought lovely springtime flowers, and Claus an interesting bottle of white (yellow-rosy) wine.


All subway lines in Stockholm without electricity !

And there we sat, talked about work (subway) about highlights and criticism based from real life at the ground level - as well made many jokes, too. I mean sometimes you just have to roll you eyes about the things that go on at work...

One detail I was unaware of - which i felt was very interesting was - that last Wednesday morning all three subway lines in Stockholm were 1 hour without any electricity. I can't remember when that happened the last time... Apparently TWO reactors went down north coast of Stockholm (Forsmark reactors, 100 km north of the city). According to Wikipedia, those reactors are responsible for 14% of Sweden's total energy.

Kind of strange with such a serious event.

I didn't notice anything, because I had already ended my night shift around 06.00 at Gullmarsplan, and by the time the blackout happened, I reached my home. The blackout didn't affect residential areas, only the high electricity consumers, such as the Stockholm subway, etc.

My god, it must have been a huge chaos... when all subway trains, at all lines suddenly had to stop.


Breakfast Images

I didn't take many images, but here are a few. The thing with being a photographer is, that when you are the host for a dinner or breakfast - I noticed that I am not really into taking images... The roll as photographer works (for me best), when being a background figure; you can study people, and follow them gentle with the camera.

But as soon I am the host... the orientation and focus shits entirely. Then I barely have the nerve, focus or passion, to take images. I also notice that the quality of my photos are not on top, either. It's like the soul, the attachment - the connection - is missing. It really only works for me, when I am a background figure, engaging less into conversation, while focusing more on trying to make good images of people.





The X-MEN table project

The table you see in the images, is an old table, Daniel i believe found back in 2012 and saved it in the basement. Since the surface is really severely beaten up - but Sal decided to save this table, and starting a project. The image you see is a prototype of his idea - to glue old comics on the surface of the table. So, since I had a big box of old X-MEN comics from the 70s, 80s and 90s and 00s - we sacrificed a few, in order to glue them onto the table and then put protection layer on them.



Bed in Sicily

Sal did this with a very old bed in Sicily, only choosing black & white NOIR Thriller comics from the 60s - with gorgeous drawn women and men - and it looked absolutely divine ! Really like a unique piece of equipment - since the bed itself already had a very old style - the combination and looks altogether was just magnificent.

I do have images of that, but I don't know exactly where/when I took them. I would take a while to find them again. OK, I found a few images, but those are not detailed ones, I remember I took. But it gives you an idea of what he did.



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