ZDF is the Main German Television. Listen (in German language) what the Chairman of the German Drug Commission, Prof. Dr. Rolf Dieter Ludwig, said back in 2014, on the topic of Gene Therapies / Injections.

Remarkable - isn't it ? Everything was known that Gene Therapies (e.g. Covid-19 experimental, genetic injections) - are not to be taken lightly at all. And that Gene therapies had rarely any success, if any. (Remark: many died from such experiments), and easily introducing cancer.

They have known

all along the high potential of damages, illnesses and deaths caused by artifical gene therapies. To call those as "vaccines" is a disgrace in science.


The phenomena of Turbo-Cancers

Speaking of that, another strange phenomena has widely risen from the consequence of Covid-19 injections are widely resulted turbo-cancers in people, where commonly used chemotherapies do respond - or barely - on those cancers.

I know 3 people in my surrounding, who have died of turbo-cancers after the genetic injections. What I don't understand is, how the public - people like you and I - continuously shut their eyes about this. How can you even defend such injections, who now have proven to do absolutely nothing positive what so ever for your health, immunuity, illness nor giving any kind of protection. It's not even a vaccine in any sense, for heavens sake.

A very sick gamble - that's what it is.

- 52 -