I overtook some ISO 6400 RAW files from the OM-5 camera via the internet, in order to show you the difference of what an Adobe Denoise AI plugin can do for your RAW files - looked at 100% enlargement. The difference is truly remarkable. Remember also, that you can steer the amount of noise reduction, between 1% and 100%. So, if you like some residual, natural looking" noise left in the image - you can do that, too. It does not need to be all smoothed out, risking to look too plastic-y.

In the original RAW files opened up in Photoshop Camera Raw, I disabled all kinds of noise reduction, even all color noise reduction which makes it look worse than it normally looks, though)


Adobe Denoise AI setting: 61%.

Also notice, how the sharpness is sublime, preserving even very fine details. after having used Denoise AI from Adobe. It's just so good. Additionally, it also makes small differences in noise behavior from camera models, a thing of the past.

Now you can focus on the model you love - not because the sensor is "slightly better".


ISO 6400



ISO 12800



Truly remarkable, isn't it ?

There is no point for me to show you lower ISO's like 3200, because they can be smooth like a kitten if you like. And since the results at ISO 6400 are already so good as if taken with ISO 200, i rather wanted to show you how things look like for higher ISO's.

Not all results turn out this way. If a photo was taken at extreme ISO 12800 in the middle of the night, and you lift the shadows, you can sometimes risk to get a bit of artifacts. Otherwise, those are very rare to encounter.

If you like a more natural look, you simply retain a little bit more grain in the photo - voilá.


Portrait of Sal

a strange but also interesting "low key" look - I took yesterday morning in between our plants - was made with the 11 year old Olympus EM5 but with a very bright lens, the ED 45/1.2 PRO (90mm), which really worked sharp at extreme aperture ƒ1.2 on that old camera.

The light levels were bright, so ISO 200 were used - but I applied Adobe Noise AI anyway - and it looks as if it was taken with a fullframe camera / medium format camera.

I find that fascinating.

Now I am not saying all my images need to be that clean. But i absolutely love, that we are now able to handle image noise, this powerful. Also on older RAW files from 10 years ago in particularly.

It's just beautiful - and extremely useful. I am sorry if I use superlatives here... but I have never come across such an effective noise tool - ever.

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