The temperatures, especially at night - has been really cold. Some of the trees i see here, are 2 weeks delayed compared to last year !


Tullinge Station is the Canary in the Coalmine

Actually the cold felt worse than in numbers. The canary in the Coalmine is the cold station Stockholm-Tullinge; which is a former military airport, 7 km from where i live in the southern suburbs. This station often shows very low minimum temperatures - largely unaffected by the urban areas of Stockholm.


There you have your artificial "Global Warming"
- it's in the city cores

Worst is the City core of Stockholm - the place where you have, artificial, "climate change" / "global warming" - because there, the temperatures are notoriously much higher - while all other stations further away, show much lower night temperatures. The gap can sometimes be a much as 15°C difference in deep cold winters. During the past week it differed up to 6-7°C between Stockholm City and Tullinge Station.

That is quite remarkable !



During the past week

despite the low temperatures, it has mainly been sunny - so it felt like "springtime", from the look and the feel in the sun - but the air was chilly. During the night, i still had winter clothes on, since i am often working at night. Almost every night, frost resided on the ground.



8 May 2023

Yesterday was the first day in which felt truly springtime like, not only in the light - but also in the temperatures - as they finally started to come up. Stockholm City reported around 18°C ! Even at my place it was warm with 17°C. However, in the morning, there was still frost in Tullinge with -2°C.

(Today in Sala, NW of Stockholm, it was 0°C at the minimum, and preliminary with 22.1°C reporting the highest temperature in Sweden)


Past week: Ice cold !

we have seen frost temperatures down to -6.1°C in Tullinge ! In Norrtälje as low as -6.8°C. Those are however no record low temperatures in May. I have seen that Tullinge had once as low as -8°C since 1955. But still - it was frikking cold. People noticed it, too. When I touched the platform surface at Gullmarsplan (Southern City) - i realized the other morning, it was not dust, but frost. I had to wear gloves, hat and double pants - which is my normal winter gear.


Taking out plants and flowers ?

It feels a bit premature to take out the plants, and I will wait a couple more days. As of now, after midnight, it is only 6°C - and it will sink further towards sunrise. Supposedly, according to Swedish SMHI, the temperatures will stay above 7°C at night, and then reach 17-20°C in the upcoming week.

The thing is just - that this is for the inner city of Stockholm ... not the suburbs. Nevertheless - it is a sunny, warm outlook - which is wonderful.

I mean for heavens sake... FINALLY !!!!!



Just reports following:

Abnormally Cold April

Climate, the "April precept" is renewed: abnormally cold in Italy for the third consecutive year. Climate, the CNR publishes data with national monthly thermal anomalies: confirmed the cold of April 2023. It is the third consecutive year that April ends in Italy with temperatures below normal. (Europe as a whole was colder than normal in largest parts of Europe, by the way, except Spain.


(Southern) Spain on the other hand

reports that it had the warmest and driest April on record ... (since 1961).


Controversial MAX temperature at airports tarmacs

Among the main observatories, the +38.8°C of Córdoba/airport, the +37.4°C of Morón de la Frontera and the +36.9°C of Granada/airport and Seville/airport stand out, all values ​​recorded on ​April 27. 

33 major stations recorded their highest April temperatures since their respective series began.

There is in fact a controversy about those Airport temperatures, placed right at the hot tarmac, while taking down other weather / temperature sensors... further away. When you have a sensor, placed right at a dark, hot tarmac... - you get guaranteed exaggerated temperatures.

That is a problem from a professional perspective, but right for the support the global warming narrative. Overall in the world, many country based stations around the world, have been taken away since 1970, thinning out the grid (vastly) while city based station have been kept alive (at the same time, as cities have grown in the past 50 years, getting warmer (artificial warm air bubbles). That is just another way to manipulate weather and temperature history.


Also direct manipulations of weather data

have been reported , in which the past ones have been lowered, making it look like a vast increase of temperatures over time. A very common procedure in the US, by the way. This has come to the fore, when weather people / common-sense intact meteorologists compared older series (which they had saved) with the newer ones, and found that they had been tampered with several times. The excuse from authorities often is, that this has been done in order to "adjust" the values. (See below in one example for the global temperatures, but there are many individual examples from cities, which had been altered, too)

I call it cheating.


Unknown corruption.

And the results are the politics are are stomped into your mouth, your ass and everywhere else, called "Global Warming" and "Climate change".

In the mean time, environmental concerns - that they give a damn shit about. That's where our environment is more and more damaged, even more so with many of the new "green" replacements, which in reality, are the opposite of what it is said to be.

They accuse those who look into the issues deeper - for fakes. But let's talk about fakes, by manipulating temperature observations and data series deliberately !


US 1894 - 2020

See below some example. There you get your damn 1.2°C "Warming".... not. (In the examples of the Example US between ) 1894 to 2020.


Does the world care (?) about the fine print ?

The thing people remember at best, or it at all - that it was super hot in Spain in April 2023. Which happen to be located right at the very border to Africa, close to the desert. If the winds predominantly change during a period - you get excessive hot weather. Especially when measuring air temperatures at airports with their hot radiating tarmacs...


A reminder where we really are

in a 10.000 year historical perspective... (Ice core data, Greenland). The falsified, "hockey stick" model by Mann, for which he got sued in a Canadian court, but the model is still being used, making recent look like a vast temperature rise,like that of a "hockey stick" model. But that only works with manipulation and cutting off the date late, without showing what has been going on earlier.

But if you look into a 10.000 year perspective, you suddenly realize, that the climate was quite different in the past. Especially: A LOT WARMER !!!! And that's when cultures thrived. That's why it is called "Roman Warming", "Medieval Warming". After that came the little Ice age - and it creates lots of short comings, as the harvest didn't go so well, especially in certain cold years in Europe and North America.


Ah, but we have Greta... Successor of ol' Gore

She knows it all (dropping out of school), and scares the shit out of our vitamin and mineral starved youngsters, who go unstable and wacko over "Climate Change" and "Global Warming". Becoming easy pray for propaganda, since most of the adults are similarly brainwashed by media and Gov outlets - which repeat the same bull over and over again. (While getting vast amounts of more taxes), and you go slowly broke, honey. That's how things work.


Ice Age predicted in the 70s

Scientists in the 70s were convinced that we would go into an ice age, until of course Maurice Strong came along and started the ball rolling, at the Stockholm Conference 1972, the frenzy of "Global Warming". And from there we got 30 years later fake Al Gore and his Nobel Prize bullshit winning movie "An inconvenient truth" (2006), in which the polar cap would be gone by 2013. Can you get more cocksucking Bullshit ? (Oh, but they can, and they did; see 2020 and onwards). They show that shit "documentary" in all German schools still today.

Go figure.


Gore the world - become a billionaire

But hey, Al Gore became a billionaire on that Global Warming Swindle - so, he certainly isn't complaining to scam the world. That's how sociopaths work. Usually known under the better name of "philanthropists". Doing the world well.

My ass they do. They shit on it, literally. And you think it's manna.


The polar ice caps didn't melt away

And we still play with snow in Scandinavia. With plenty to go. As of 8 May, we still have 1/3 of the country covered under snow. Just saying...

Yes. Climate CHANGES. That is exactly what a dynamic earth means, and we should rather call it Earth Changes.


A reminder where we really are II

in a 450.000 year historical perspective... (Ice core data, Vostok, Antarctica), showing that the most common state of earth temperatures, are ice age like conditions, vastly lower temperatures. What we are in, is in a historical perspective, a small warming period - in which humanity can thrive. But not if your average annual temperatures drop a whopping 8°C lower than today - you are in the shit house. Many areas will become too cold for producing food.

Except in Spain, i suppose.

but hey... blame humanity
Always. Do not look at the hidden hands.

"Man-made Global Warming"
The Worlds ends.

Political & Financial Agendas & Corruption
Extreme Medial Hysteria
Corruption in Authorities & Institutes
"Non-Governmental" Organizations (NGO's) infiltrating /
& steering politics as well public opinions

Fool and stress the Kids - well, you've got me, Greta.



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