Springtime is however, delayed more than i thought. Now, that I inspected my images - i realize, that there is a greater difference compared to last year. The tree in front of our balcony, shows still less green today 9 May 2023, compared to how much it had grown already on 24 April 2022.

However, due to the latter warm temperatures, the earlier differences have been almost made up. Nature is literally exploding into a cascade of light green cascades. It's absolutely lovely. And to be honest, given how bizarre cold the first week nights felt, down to -6°C, the sudden experience of warm 18-20° weather on the skin... is truly amazing.

It reminds me a little bit of a "split reality", feeling. One parts hasn't "landed yet", while at the same time, you are in them middle of the warmth. The kind of warmth, I said to Sal back in the end of September... now it will take until May, to experience this again.

And so, here we are again, 7 months later... My plants and flowers i put out on 9 May. It might been a bit sensitive in temperatures in the morning of 12 May, but i think they will be OK.


Interesting comparison

To be able to compare photos with 1 years difference. Unfortunately, the light was different today, and much sharper, as there are almost no clouds in the sky.

I find the difference to be equivalent of 2,5 weeks on this type of tree. Spring 2023, is also the most delayed spring of all, since 2011, from what i can see in my photos made in Rågsved / Snösätra. Naturally it depends also what you compare with. The flowers for example, did spring earlier, with a difference of perhaps only 1+ week.

The green in the trees has just started - but due to the no significantly warmer MAX and MIN temperatures, everything is accelerating big times.


Another example

There is a little bush, near the elevator at Rågsved Subway Station, which I took images of last year on 6 May 2022 (and i found another from May 2021, too) - both had already been blossoming at an earlier date. I happen to have made images of the same bush, this year too, on 7 May 2023... and it ain't blossoming yet.

3 days later - *poof*


More flowering trees - various years

This one, stood already in full bloom last year around 6 May 2022. This time, on 10 May 2023, nothing has blossomed yet.

In April 2019 it started even earlier....

In April 2015 and in particularly 2014 leafs and blossoming in trees started even more earlier compared to 2019.


Most delayed blossoming since (at least) 2011

So, yes, Spring 2023, marks the most delayed blossoming i have ever experienced since i moved to Snösätra in (July/Aug) 2010, and saw my first spring there in 2011. If I compare 2014 with 2023, there is a difference of almost 3.5 weeks !

In general I used to say around 26 April - 1 May the trees start to show leafs. Sometimes earlier, and a few times later.

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