It feels like summer - albeit you can still feel a slight chill in the shadows. I also want to point out, that Tullinge still got 0°C two nights in a row, while the City had this morning a minima of 9°C. Talk about differences. When i came home from work around 3:00 - it felt almost cold in Högdalen/Rågsved - but I forgot to look at the temperature. I assume it was around 5°C.

Daytime temperatures are now around 19-21°C.

Nature, flowers, trees and plants are thriving in this warm beautiful weather. What perhaps might pose a problem, is the lack of rain... but we might get some next week. This weekend however, everything goes in the sign of summer.

Today the city of Stockholm recorded a preliminary MAX temperature of 24.6°C (together with Sala being highest temperature in Sweden) - putting us in essence into real summer time. Talk about a shift compared to the really cold beginning of May...


The final numbers are out for yesterday's Maximum temperatures in Sweden. Highest was Västerås with 26.3°C, followed by Uppsala with 25.2°C, and Sala 25.1°C and then Stockholm 24.8°C.

Amazing weather.

Almost unreal - as always when it hits you for the first time - you leave the balcony doors open, and warmth flows effortlessly around your skin, freshens up the inside air, and makes you feel lovely lazy on a Sunday, without having to go to work. And many wasps and occasionally also a bumblebee visits the inside of our apartment, checking things out. i usually chase them gently out. They are curious this time of the year.

After a while they buzz out anyway...

The whole May (1-14 May) has shifted into being now exactly average normal (+/- 0°C) counteracting the very cold start of the month, in which the average temperatures were up to 4°C lower than normal.

Notice that the minimum temperatures in the extreme outer suburbs of Stockholm, are still low ! This morning it was only 1.8°C there, unaffected by the artifically warm city center of Stockholm.



Soon: Chilly switch

But as usual - this will soon shift again, with much lower temperatures than normal. On Tuesday, overcast, some rain and 14°C at the most, and on Wednesday only a max of 10-12°C, with 19 mm rain are predicted. (Nature needs it !)

After that, it will gradually get warmer, due to the prediction of a growing high pressure area. Then we should get temperatures around 18-22°C again.

Beautiful !

- 60 -