(this text i have to go through one more time, because i suspect that i never made a check-up of the text *LOL*. Therefore corrections / clarifications are still needed, and will be added /corrected in the next days)

Sometimes I get grumpy

not knowing where I belong in this world. Seeing too much. Feeling too much ? And with age, also far more openly, penetrating the veil of deceptions (which doesn’t mean all of it) but surely enough so that the child in my sometimes is stumbled, deeply saddened and at times even horrified of how intense the illusions we rely on in daily life are, and how deeply dark the crimes against Humanity are being committed now at so many levels... it takes my breath away.

While on the outside, Swedish newspapers are rather glossy, very "Swedish" and everything evil is mainly at a larger distance. And then the intense stream of propaganda, parroted in exactly the same way, no matter where you look in any newspaper in Europe. The recipe is the same, only that local flavors are added dependent on which country you are in.

In Italy, it's drama queen. In Sweden, it has a sort of coldish, "distant", kind of "common-sense" reasoning repertoire. Scratch a little bit on the lossy surface, and taste the flavor of betrayal, illusions mixed with lies, more lies - and far too many lies. While they pull the money out of your pockets, more than ever before.

You know the story.

Yet, it is fascinating how perfect the illusion actually is transported via media to the public. I find it really fascinating that Sweden really manages so well in that regard. Which means the slave is sleeping - and stay fucking asleep.

"And don't you dare, to wake me up - because I am going to get really upset". But the Swedish way is that people simply don't confront. They think their part, and keep their mouth shut - in front of you. They play silent, in order not to stray off the main line of public opinion.

The opium is sweet up here in Scandinavia. It's so clean on the surface. So orderly, almost perfect. Albeit... the foundation shows many deep cracks, when you look closer, and i mean really close. As if somebody hastely painting those over, making them invisibl from a larger distance.


Almost like split realities

In all these many lies, these criminal deceptions... how do you find your way back to your heart, without getting bitter, without detaching from your soul and center of being ? And without loosing faith in humanity ?

Without loosing your own humanity ?

I mean the respect for other people. Despite so much bullshit is parroted from the same people which sometimes makes me loose patience. I easily raise my voice. I easily go against the stupid arguments. For heavens sake, do I not study the shit Plandemic in finest details for the last three years - almost ever night ?!! Every detail about the studies and whereabout behind the genetic injections. The genetically aspects, the damages, the evidence which is mounting hugely after 3 years...

And then comes a guy, a friend, who perhaps at best read articles in a evening newspaper, with titles splashed across the pages - and then comes to invalidate my efforts, the countless nights I did look beyond my local horizon, in order to understand what was going on - and why so many things felt just not right (and often with very odd spectacles, lotteries, advertising, false claims - compared to how we used to deal with "normal pandemics").

I disrespect that kind of nonsense people tell me.

I identify it as being nothing else than parroting utterly stupid information, where most science and medically good common sense - all of the sudden was like blown away. Old knowledge doctors used to have - was suddenly all gone, and they forced people into the corner with the most hideous claims what to do, and how to protect yourself.

Endlessly spoken, like a script, by people around the world - to ad nauseum repeated via governments and bought media, for you what to think. And people “think” it, parrot it, believe in it. Like a cult religion. Not to mention the hate, to exclude anyone who didn't take the shots - was a traitor. Should be eliminated, should be expelled.

What on earth got that to do with medicine ? I get more the feeling of a burning witch hunt. With sadness i observed that politicians also went along that road... Lets not even speak about famous known people and such... they were even worse. Like bile gushed out. And they were the "experts".

My ass.

And you can't do shit about it - you can't change people's mind. you can't even inspire them to think outside the box for a moment. That too, I realize after 3 years. Whether friends or buddies. Once they got infected by the cult of Corona - nothing helped, to make them look at things from a more critical standpoint - and to be a bit more cautious what they take into their body.

On top - people like friends, colleagues, strangers... who barf out bullshit and put the experimental, genetic jabs onto a pedestal - also think of themselves as being intelligent, reasonable and independent critical thinkers. While running into the next injection. And M-Pox injection. And get sick - but there is absolutely no connection to the jab. No relevance. Not even the slightest of suspicion. And they tell you that into your face, as if nothing ever happened. While they got bussed to the hospital for emergency, or got a serious illness (like my friend two days told me) - but no, that had nothing to do with the unproven M-Pox vax, which every gay man seem to have taken. Because it was said so, to take.

They read it somewhere, so then you should take it, too.



I wanna cry. I wanna scream. I wanna yell. The amount of ignorance, nonchalance and i can't help it... them to think they are so smart, yet what it that based on ? Medical "advices" from authorities, evening newspapers ? Morning papers. So ?

That doesn't make you in any serious way, really go beyond your local horizon collecting informations from many other sources, which could give you a way, to see what other experts say. What about the experts that are usually threatened or tried to be silenced - which you often don't read about in mainstream media ? What do they have to say ?

Isn't that how you obtain information - by looking into MANY sources ? Why is it, that we nowadays only obtain a few sites, and then your science is settled ? it's the truth.

It's like saying: It's written on Wikipedia - so it must be true.

Really ?


There goes a mental border - before and after 2020

Sometimes I don’t seem to find my balance when i talk to other people. Not that i do that often these days - I don’t. But when i do, it seems like i am that intolerant, easily get irritated kind of guy, raising my voice. And of course don’t get anywhere.

Albeit. I also notice, that even when I am kitten, very gentle - I still don't get anywhere. People don't want to listen, don't want to get inspired, don't even want to get touched in their bubble. Basta.

The question is - do i even want to get anywhere or is it just a spontaneous way in which i seem to let steam off ? Good question. I almost suspect it is the latter. That i don’t truly care that much anymore, when i hear garbage. And boy, I do hear a lot of garbage. And frankly, already as a teenager and onwards, I've been a bit grumpy about people's superficiality, and the garbage that comes with it... Only difference was, that i was silent about it, observing it - but on my inside, just got annoyed about superficial people.. parroting people.

In hindsight, at the same time, i also need to remember, i might have parroted a lot of beliefs and thoughts, too. I had my personal belief system, thinking of how i thought the world works, what is right and wrong... I thought US is a country who defends peace (thats why they made war) That was an example i believed in, which was one of my of my gravest mistakes... to fall for such utter nonsense illusion. It is also Orwellian speak, when you think about it.

The leading powers in the US, made 90% of the nations existence, war. In Sweden, we had no wars for over 200 years. And now we go into an US war conglomerate called NATO. How devastatingly stupid, I have no words. High treason is being committed against the Kingdom of Sweden - by our very own politicians today, no matter color.

How can you abandon 200+ years of peace ?

Psychopathic bitches.


In this life

perhaps i am frankly mainly an observer, but attached with a mouth that so easily talks more than what perhaps would be adequate for the normal person on the streets. But "Why be normal", stands on Sal's arm tattooed, as well Carla, Mary and Paola...

Yeah why be normal. Have i ever been "normal"... hardly.

And yet, sometimes i do get good contact. All that so needed is a person which actually dared to partially penetrate the lies that go around in the Zeitgeist that seem to rule society these days and years as of lately.

That is good enough and so much more to establish a connections which feels fruitful. Of course my contacts and buddies from the past, the fee i still have contact with - just are not on the same page. They come from a time in which Ralf was mainly naive. And being 57 one isn’t supposed or can’t emulate to be a sweet loving boyish type of guy, much younger looking - because that days are over. Even if i still look a lot younger than my age (people think i am 45).

I admire Sal for being so flexible. Yet of course he avoids most of the touchy subject so he gets much better contact to people. I truly admire him for how ways with people - but boy - that so is not Ralf. And never truly has been like that.

Oh well.

- 61 -