That's a switch...

I've never had a rain meter in my life.

I remember my first Swedish Boyfriend back in 1984 had a mechanical one like most people on the country side in Sweden have; a simple funnel collecting water, and then you read off how much had fallen.

The one I got now is a wireless one - without the need to empty it - because it accumulates the values (as it also separate them in given intervals) You can read the momentarily fallen rain, last hour, for the last 24 hours, for the last month (and every month) and during one year.


Pretty accurate after all

Below it shows that the final numbers placing my rain meter in good accordance with mostly private stations.


Final amount precipitation near and far stations in the Stockholm Southern Suburbs
16 May 2023 (22 hours)

Snösätra: 2.7 mm
Segeltorp: 2.8 mm
Älvsjö: 3.1 mm
Fullersta: 2.2 mm
Älgstigen: 2.8 mm
Tullinge: 3.3 mm [offical station]

Hökarängen: 5.4 mm
Öringevädret: 6.2 mm (Älta, Tyresö)

Västerhaninge: 6.6 mm
Grödby: 2.6 mm
Språngbo Sorunda: 2.3 mm
Folkpool AB: 3.5 mm (Trosa)
Kvarbacken 2.0 mm (Trosa)

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