Another kind of switch...

Listen / read carefully Younger Zelensky words... It is baffling; he says about the East of Ukraine and in Crimea : "People want to speak Russian", "Leave them alone. Legally, provide them the right to speak Russian", "We are one color, one blood - we understand each other..."


But since 2019 in power

- he eliminated and forbade all opposition in the country, eliminated the right to speak Russian. And the country has bombed the East Ukraine, their own people, since the Maidan COUP D'ÉTAT, installing an illegal government in 2014... Starting a war that's been heavily supported by the US and sponsored with money and weapons.

An illegal Ukrainian illegal Gov to kill their own people... (14.000 people) 2015-2020 - and then integrated real Nazis (AZOV, etc ) and Bandera inspired battalions into the Ukrainian army, officially and upfront (albeit almost entirely suppressed by west media) - which is a switch, when you compare that with reportages made back in 2014-15 abut Ukrainew, where it was known that many military groups there were Nazi based)


Nazism • The New Thing under the umbrella of "democracy"

Ukraine together with US and Europe, have made Nazism now a hot fashion - under the umbrella of "Saving and Supporting Democracy". and defending "values". Billions of tax money, huge amounts of weapons - while we all pay in the west for the corrupted feast... While more is enough for psychopaths.

Where Depleted Uranium from the UK, poisons people who live there as well the fruitful soil of Ukraine for thousands of years in the future. The west calls war for peace. It's nothing else than Orwellian speak, where honest moral is subverted, and dragged into the dirt, becoming the opposite by twisting, corrupting and lying endlessly - in the name of "democracy".

My God. Just imagine.

Senator Amidala said in Star Wars: "This is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause..."

When you in Germany mention or promote peace and negociations instead of war... you are now called "Nazi", "AfD" and "Right wing". And the police sometimes stops you if you promote peace in public.

Oh God.

- 63 -