It is getting slowly warmer... The weather in a way is funny if you ask me. Because your senses are being played. We have had extremely sunny weaker for more than 4 weeks. The average of daily sunshine hours in the first 11 days, is up at 14.15 hours per day. That is an extreme high value, probably a record !

When i look at the past 30 days daily average of sunshine hours - it is now in average 12.75 hours per day. Sounds to me like record high levels... This will of course change once July commences, we'll see how the sunshine totals been for June 2023.

Yet, this far - just look at this !!



Sunshine vs reality

So, you have all this extreme sunshine day after day after day. And in the sun it is of course warm and cozy. But there has been a chill in the air, when you went into the shadows. And as soon the sun set late evening - the temperatures plunged in many places RAPIDLY to what felt like cold temperatures. At times my hands were freezing, reminding me of winter/springtime on my way home from work. A highly weird experience when it is June, you know...

So, you have this super sunny appearance, at the same time very chilly temperatures during a short night. that is a strange combination.

In the outskirts this was much more pronounced compared to the city core, of course. I mean two frost nights in Tullinge, despite the very shows nights. You wouldn't think it can get that cold under such summer conditions.


Stockholm MIN & MAX in 2023

The below graph, focuses on the MAX and MIN temperature of Stockholm City. Additionally you can also see the MIN temperatures in the 19 km outside located TULLINGE station. I find it more representative for the real temperatures, unaltered by any artificial urban heating effects. Notice the vast differences in minimum temperature there... compared to Stockholm City. It is quite remarkable...

You can also spot the "normal MAX" and "normal MIN" temperatures for Stockholm City, from the period of 1991-2020. It looks as if Stockholm gets warmer.

But when I look at the temperatures in Tullinge and compare those with its 30 year normal climate period... things looks more like a cooling trend in minimum temperatures. Is that a first indication of something ?

Hard to say, because again - it requires a lot more and deeper looks into the material.


No Rain

It has not rained since 17 May...(in the southern parts of the city, while in the northern we had a 0-1 mm rain. It looks like there will be no rain until 18 June (American GFS prognosis). A bit unusual with such long periods without rain (in Southern Stockholm)...

The huge high pressure area is predicted to dwell more or less another 2 weeks over Scandinavia - albeit with the weird GFS prognosis of a flat low pressure INSIDE the big high pressure area - which would result into rain over Stockholm on 18 June...

Spontaneously i would say, that's a just data model quirk creation... Only a model can come up with such nonsense.

Tomorrow the (GFS) prognosis will look totally different again. Like always.

- 66 -