I ordered a rather unusual lens which i had my eyes on for a long time - albeit without ever truly to consider to buy or work with it. Over time, I let that thought go to sleep, and thought - well, I am mainly a fixed lens guy after all.

Is that true ? Actually that is only true when I work with the bigger Canon, system.

After all, I use the Olympus Trio 17, 25 and 45 mm ƒ 1.2 PRO lenses - which in their own right, are absolutely stellar, pushing the envelope of optical quality to the highest levels, available to the Micro Four Third (MTF) camera platform.

The quality you get from those, including the bokeh at ƒ1.2 - is simply superb - making me forget the thought of fullframe lenses; because you get plenty of background blur with these, even on Micro Four Thirds. Here below you find an example taken with the Olympus ED 25 mm ƒ 1.2 PRO lens, wide open at f1.2.

I have no problem with that background blur. Do you ?


Olympus ED 25/1.2 PRO at wide open aperture





5 in 1 lenses

Panasonic/Leica Vario-Summilux 10-25 mm f 1.7 ASPH lens covers five focal lengths, equivalent to fullframe as:

• 20 mm (very, very wide)
• 24 mm (very wide)
• 28 mm (moderately wide)
• 35 mm (classic reportage, somewhat wide)
• 50 mm (normal)


Earlier thoughts

I once ordered a gray market Panasonic Leica Summilux DG 12 mm f 1.4 ASPH lens (beautiful look !) for only 640 € in 2018 - but it was severely decentered - making it utterly unusable. I had to send it back - and never looked back. The normal price of the Leica 12/1.4 is very high in Sweden today (16000 SEK), not far off from the Leica Zoom 10-25 mm ƒ 1.7

For that money, the zoom combined with the bright aperture of ƒ 1.7, covers basically the Leica 12 mm f 1.4 fixed lens. Therefore my choice is the zoom given it's stellar optical performance over a wider range, than just 12mm [24 mm widangle]

Back in the days (2017-18) I dreamed of that the rumor, that Olympus would add the ED 12/1.2 PRO lens... which apparently was in the pipeline... but that never came to be.

So, the Leica 10-25 is in essence the closest thing, to a very bright, very wide lens.

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