Bio-Weapon research

The spike protein, an extreme toxic component, which now, with the results at hand, have been weaponized through research in the past 20+ years, also known under the stupid military name "Gain-of-function" research. Which is just a fancy name for bio weapon research.

You normally don't get in touch with spike proteins inside the blood stream, when mild corona infections occurs - which they do every years as long humans been around. It is also called the flu. The field of action are the mucus in your nose and lungs. You have no benefit from vaccines creating stuff in the blood - because it is not there, the major battlefield occurs. It is in the mucus !

So, the argument of spike proteins and other antigens in the blood creating antibodies is bullshit - because it is NOT IN THE BLOOD you need the defense. But it is there they have made that billions of toxic particles being injected into the blood stream, wrecking havoc anywhere those attach to - and they do exactly that. Without doing shit, when you encounter a virus.


Brainwash since birth

The whole Pasteur vaccine principle is one major lie, which we have been feed with since birth and accepted like mother milk, under the umbrella of "health & protection" - while in reality, it has made humans more and more ill with side effects, allergies, auto-immune diseases, autism in particularly.

Big Pharma isn't about health - and doesn't protect anything. Since 2020, that is now much more obvious, while politicians made sure to aid them, with disintegrating the protecting laws which used to - at least partially - save people from the worst ill effects.

That is no more, because most protective laws are gone in that regard.

Remember that on 20 July 2020, the EU quietly changed the extremely stringent conditions for using gene based therapies and injections [which were forbidden to be used on humanity] - now in essence gave Carte Blanche for all mRNA based products in the future.

The rest is history.


Who are the most healthy people overall ?

Unvaccinated people as well animals (I am here mainly thinking of pet animals, such as dogs living longer without vaccinations for example). People who never got, or very few conventional vaccine shots, are among those who are statistically the most healthiest people; which also are the one with the fewest visits at doctors offices, the fewest who had to go to hospitals.

That is the truth !

It is easier to lie to people, than to admit that you've been lied to.



Through one single Covid 19 injection...

You get 2 to 4 Billion spike proteins (created via artificial mRNA blue prints, which re-program your cells to produce artificial spike proteins).

Those spikes are especially tough constructed on purpose [because the blueprint contains changed, so called codons on each end of the artificial mRNA. On to, they changed one of the four RNA molecules, into Pseudo-Uridine - which does not exist in nature at all.

These mRNA genetic snippets, are then read several times over by your cell's Ribosomes - creating up to 24 billion spike proteins in total, in your body. One single shot !

Your body is made up of approximately 30 trillion cells. Each your body cells (regardless which) that produces spike proteins - will get killed ! Even brain & heart or immune cells that produce these spike proteins, no exception. Once a cell produces spikes, it is compromised and get killed.


One you loose heart cells - they are lost for ever

Now you know, why people suddenly die. You cannot afford to have your heart cells killed, because those will never grow back. Once lost - they are lost for ever.

In other words; highly toxic, highly inflammatory particles - which wreck havoc anywhere they go. And they do; into the brain, into the heart, into the reproductive organs in women and men, into all organs, within a short time. They have been purposely made to attach easily via our ACE-2 receptors, which we have on many organs and blood vessels. The inner lining of the blood vessels get destroyed, and become leaky.

Doesn't sound too smart in my blood, nor too healthy - having such destructive processes going on in your brain with all it's blood vessels. The braincells attached to destroyed blood vessels - die, and never come back. Micro clotting is a given, which means a gradual destruction with reduced brain functions. Or sudden death due to aneurysms.

Your functions !


The body has around 30 Trillion cells

Now your immune system will always against any foreign proteins - and with it - also kill any cell which produces these spike proteins. Even when brain and heart cells make such spikes, they get killed off ! The tissue of blood vessels, from the tiniest to the major Aorta, will get invaded by our killer cells trying to fight the spike protein producing body cells - which leads to that the tissue starts to fall apart, even in young healthy people. Even rupturing the Aorta.

Just to name one of the thousands diseases, this shit has created. Don't believe me ?

Then you have forgotten Pfizer's papers, already a longer time ago outlining the 1000+ diseases in their paper; just go to the last 9 pages, and see for yourself what these shots can do for you.

Those are exactly the same papers, which US "health authorities" & Pfizer tried to hide from public view for 75 years !

A court in the US decided, that these must be published.

-- > Pfizer Papers | You can read them here ( last 9 pages )


1p36 deletion syndrome

The list of 1000+ diseases starts with "1p36 deletion syndrome" - which is nothing else than the breakage of DNA, falling apart. You would in essence walk into a leaking nuclear reactor, also giving you "1p36 deletion syndrome", in the same way you take the health risk when running into the genetic jabs.

Does that sound like "health", "protection" and "immunity" to you ?

Not in my book.

And you wonder... (and most do not even know shit) why 20+ million people already have died from the genetic injections after 2.5 years ? And 80+ million gotten severely injured for life...

= 100+ Million severely injured people = Like World War Casualties ! And most of us, didn't even notice it. I find that... well remarkable, that we today, pulled off such blindness without even noticing it. I mean think about it...

I know 6 people in my close surrounding, who have died from the shots. I can't remember ever having had 6 people dying within 2 years in my life. Who all were below 59 years of age, and as low as 18. I don't really know many people, so 6 deaths in 2 years is just not a normal thing

I knew 0 who had died from Covid in my surroundings.


It is called "health"

Now the Big Pharma industry have 500 different mRNA types of genetic injection in the pipeline, soon ready to experiment on people to get injected with "against" all kinds of diseases.

Make the math, of what likely will come.


I didn't have any problems

Well lucky you. There are many reasons people didn't die, not had any ill effects. Congratulations. But that's not because the mRNA injections were innocent - but rather because the whole production of these (the worlds most complication Pharma products ever created).

One example:
When the doctors shakes the vial - the artificial nanolipids, easily break apart. When the doctor on top uses a very fine needle, the nanolipids get destroyed. Free floating mRNA in the blood stream (without a lipid membrane protective case) will immediately get destroyed. This has always been the case, because free floating RNA is by the body considered to be a danger - and therefore is broken down in a very short time.

It doesn't make the shots less evil, but it appears that the survival rate is much higher, and the side effects fewer, when the vials not been handled correctly. To the luck of the patient of course. But the contents may still do harm, because the contents of which the artificial nanolipids are made of, are toxic. There are components which are forbidden to be used in humans and animals.

But they never told you that, now did they ?

Second example:
The various batches of the "Covid-19 Vaccine" - were extremely different. The industrial process have been made very sloppy without much control - which has been well documented through several leaks of people with a conscience.

We always assume, that when we take a medicine, that the quantity of the components are all the same. But this is not the case, especially in the "Covid-19" shots - the quality and quantities vary by a staggering amounts from batch to batch. In some batches, the content of mRNA has been 2000% too much - leading to imminent death and severe injuries. Other batches contained almost nothing, or just "broken material", due to wrong handling.

In those batches no or very few injuries have been reported !


Third example:
It has been found, and known by the European and national authorities, that the content of DNA contaminate material has been staggering high. This DNA material comes from the residual process to create the desired mRNA, via E-Coli bacterium. It has been found, that vial can contain up to 50% DNA material. In essence - a total red flag !

The laws surroundings DNA content, has been entirely ignored by your "health" authorities, such as the EMA, the European Medical Agency. But that is perhaps not so strange, given that the EMA CEO has been switched in 2020, with a woman who has been for many years a Big Pharma lobbyist. She leads the EMA today.

Coincidence ?

Injecting DNA contaminated products into the blood stream of patients, is extremely dangerous - because DNA interacts DIRECTLY with our own human DNA. This leads often to cancer, and turbo cancer when you primary DNA is compromised.

If it alters the DNA of our reproductive organs - we get babies with DNA damages. Everything from illnesses to grave handicaps and unsustainable bodies at birth. And that, we already have seen far too many in the births since 2021, vastly reduced birth rates, abortions, premature, unsustainable life forms, and so on.


The mRNA platform is toxic by design

no matter what kind of genetic code you put into - you will face exactly the same dangers of diseases, turbo-cancers and destruction of blood vessels, blood-clots to myocarditis and death.

If 100+ million severe injuries and death in 2.5 years ain't enough this far - then what is ? They gonna make it look as if you "vaccinate" (which sounds so harmless), rather than telling you, that the shots are genetic altering products "against" mums, rubella, influenza, cancer, hives, belt rose, ticks, tetanus, etc...

You will face exactly the same degree of damages all over again. For every single shot - you degrade your immune system, increasingly unable to fight off cancer. And it doesn't really take many shots either, to get there.

The body has no chance to cope with this fake mRNA platform - it is simply too toxic, and creates severe damages. The immune system gets exhausted, it's cells depleted. The artificial fat nano lipids alone, are toxic enough to make a 'horse' die, often due to the creation of blood clots, because of large, artificial cholesterol crystals growing and accumulating inside the blood stream.


The new genetic mRNA platform

goes against everything that has to do with human health. It is a bio weapon - and on top an extremely sloppy one without even committing to good quality procedures. Only because you think it is a "vaccines" (which it is absolutely not) - and your doctor tells you it is good - doesn't make it into something good.

It is your health. Nobody can live it for you.

It's just wishful thinking, without knowledge, because you just don't want to make the work, by looking outside of your local horizon, realizing how absolutely mind boggling toxic the mRNA platform truly is.

But of 100+ Million severely injured people ain't enough - i guess nothing will do. There are people in Germany who are already at their 6th injection today. They use them like cough medicine.

Good health.

You'll need it.


Something wicked coming this way

Starting with the Rothschild patent registration on 13 Oct 2015 in the US as well in the Netherlands for "Covid 19 test equipment". Then the WITS World Bank database registering the shipments of billions of PCR tests for Covid-19 all across the world and countries during year 2017 + 2018. At a time we didn't even know the word "Covid-19"... or "Corona"

Locking down the world the with lies and deceit - committing severe crimes against humanity at so many levels... i am still surprised that people don't talk about it today, and come clean with this outrageous shit that's been going on for over 3 years now.

So yeah. My focus has changed. Affecting my photography as well. Not by content, but in much weaker activity... I thought the shady underpinnings of the Plandemic was a No 1 priority for me. Photography just wasn't as important anymore.


Nothing learned in 500 years, huh ?

I thought we learned important lessons from Second World War ... but kept silent on the lies behind the Plandemic and today's wars true dark businesses among our own politicians and policy makers - and the deaths the Plandemic caused to countless million of people around the world, because of sloppy, ill-tested genetic altering injections - which showed not have anything of that, what was promised and heavily promoted. And then responsible for ten thousands of deaths among children injected... Not to mention all the for life injured children... A fucking Pope who proclaims that "Vaccinating" is love.

No, gene-modifying, experimental injections is Evil !

That would have been the most honest thing for that shithead to say. What does all that really have to do with "Love" ?


It's Simple: You don't tinker with human DNA !



Reality Check:

Yet - that exactly has been done, on a global scale under the umbrella of "protection", "health" and "save grandma". In the most awful, pushed, most sinisterly deceptive way ever done in human history.

While the majority of people... are not even really talking or discussing it. At a time, which is particularly crucial now to talk about it.


500 mRNA based "medical" products in the pipeline

In the mean time, as of today - 500 mRNA injection products are already in the pipeline, to be unleashed onto humanity, to be sold as "medicine" and "prevention"... with further genetic manipulation on human beings. based on the same toxic principles called the mRNA platform.

What do you think happens to your primary DNA, with so many genetic mutations experiments going on? Becoming X-Men, huh ?

Yeah - but that really only works in Hollywood movies.


When no official fuck ever will help you with damages...

Reality looks far more grim, miles away from glamor and those lofty promises. Ain't fix what ain't broken, stupid. When you get the damages, no official fuck will help you - as we already have seen with most of injected, injured people... the medicine turns its blind eye on the people. So do the judges, the authorities, the insurances, the politicians... almost ever fuck in the public arena, wants to have hear about vaccine injuries.

How quaint, no ?

Because they deny responsibility, insight, and damages. And boy the courage is the last they have. The state as has already shown - that it gives a rats ass about the individual. Profit is everything.

Just wow.

Knowledge protects.
Ignorance endangers.


We even injected children

We just didn't stop. Instead we shamed all those who tried to make us become aware of the grave dangers lurking behind genetic experimentation on humanity. Now we get the bill - but it still hasn't fully rang in our brains. We have cases of babies in the womb of a mother, already getting heart attacks (after the mother has been injected with the genetic shit). Youngsters get heart attacks, and climate change is blamed on it - the other favorite deception that's been played on for many years, and with frikkin Greta at the top.

I'd say - we have not yet learned our lessons.

We have shown, that we are still capable to burn "witches" at the stake, believing paid off "doctors" and "scientists" together with treacherous,politicians (who know shit) telling us what health is, and what you have to do to be "protected". Artists and celebrities on top fueling the witch hunts, and we fools believing and cheer them, while the stakes are burning with red colors of hate and rejection and false superiority fueled by ego. Artists and celebrities cheering the witch hunts.

Nothing have we learned from the past.

- 69 -