Quite the switch

The weather has changed completely since 1 July - and yesterday at my private rain station in Snösätra, a whopping 59.1 mm rain came down - already reaching the full amount of what is normal for the whole of July. Today, it's gone up from 59.1 mm yesterday, to 67.0 mm in total since 1st July 2023.

The official grid however, did not register such amounts. Tullinge got (2 July) officially 24 mm rain, 7 km from my place. However, private stations have been registering very high amounts in a thin stretch of 30 km length, with rain up to 69 mm during 2 July 2023. It indicates that my private rain measurements are to be line with reality - and I have tested this several times so far. (Which is also cool, that the wireless, self-emptying rain meter works so well - What a fun delight).

Back when we had the severe springtime/summer flooding in Högdalen (2021?), which resulted into damages at the subways station, lasting for 6-8 month until they fixed it. The local, unofficial amounts where 80 mm rain within 25 minutes (which was extremely high !!).

I had no rain meter here in Snösätra at that time, located 2 km away from Högdalen. I guessed that around 40 mm fell in our area.

However - this can be deceiving i realized yesterday: When i guessed the amounts that fell yesterday, I thought of something like 15-20 mm, but in reality, 59 mm came down ! I was totally startled when Sal and I came home, after a visit in the city...


First night frost

has occurred in Karesuando in the extreme north of Sweden - which has not happened in a July since year 1949.



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