Surprise package

My new super bright zoom lens from Panasonic-Leica, is already on it's way, expected to arrive tomorrow. That was really a surprise, given that the lens wasn't in stock, and had to be ordered directly from Panasonic.

Well... now it's on the way... that hunk of glass.


At work - perhaps.

Since I work tomorrow, I'll probably take it with me for some light, general testing (especially after work on my way home) Albeit not exactly the type of lens you wanna walk around with, given its way larger size (compared to the small Leica Summilux 15mm ƒ 1.7 ASPH i normally have with me mounted on an OM-5 camera).

The bigger lens requires a OM-1 camera in my opinion - which ergonomically can handle bigger lenses with ease. Oh, well, we will see. I didn't buy the zoom to walk around at work, exactly... Albeit, I can put the combo into a small backpack instead of carrying it bare across my shoulders.


Same thing ?

It is strange to think that a large zoom, can make background blur like the above images, which was taken with the little Summilux DG 15 mm f 1.7 ASPH lens. And only made with a small Micro Four Third sensor - and yet still enough to show a delightful background blur.

The same ƒ 1.7 bright aperture; the fixed lens as well in the upcoming zoom lens !

- 71 -