I would say this super bright zoom is a luxury item for most. Now that being said - I like it. And i believe it requires some discipline to take it out regularly because it is much larger (of course) compared to the small fixed (and bright) lenses in similar focal ranges.

My copy does exhibit a slight blurr in the extreme corners (in micro details) - kind of like the Panasonic MTF chart indicates, that the resolution drops a bit. I have no problems with that, and regard it being within the normal limits. After all, the resolution is equivalent to the official MTF curve. It might be that some people either don't see the super fine difference, or even have a "better" copy.


Panasonic Leica Vario-Summilux DG 10-25/1.7 ASPH

(wide open aperture ƒ 1.7)


10 mm f 1.7

In real life, as you can see above - taken at 10 mm [equivalent to a 20 mm fullframe lens) at wide open aperture ƒ1.7 - the rendering and sharpness are fantastic. What is there not to like.


25 mm f 1.7

On top of that, using the lens at it's longest range, 25 mm - equivalent to a 50 mm f 1.7 fullframe lens - the rendering here too, is absolutely lovely together with a close minimum focus creating very smooth bokeh.

Having such wide to normal zoom; the flexibility of such focal ranges, together with a very bright, fixed ƒ 1.7 aperture - surely does make this lens a strong contender both for lower light indoor, as well bright outdoor photography.

Like when you are on a journey as well you do reportage about people in their natural environment.


More blur ?

You can of course with help of digital software tools, enhance the blur even further, if necessary. Just don't overdo it, otherwise it looks like a digital "mobile phone" blur filter, and not like a natural lens blur. Rather subtle than over the top. Your mileage may vary.


This far I am very pleased

And now it is time for me to pay it off over 3 years. I aim however to pay it off much earlier - like i already have been doing with other lenses. There is no reason to punch a lot of extra money into the throat of the system. Lately they have become extra greedy. I have one credit card from Re:member, which has raised the interest rates 6-7 times in the past 2 years.

I now locked it. It's my way - symbolically giving them the finger.

Lenses & cameras however, I usually buy through a fixed pay-off plan, which isn't as bad as credit cards.

- 73 -