I get the distinct feeling

That July will walk home as an average temperatures, unsteady and rainy month in 2023. I get the feeling that this will continue in similar fashion throughout the rest of the month.


Rain already exceeded 100% - being 80 mm already

It was exactly since 30 June 2023, the weather patterns shifted over Stockholm. From extremely sunny, close to record levels: with a daily sunshine average of a whopping 13 hours, as well, very warm weather - we went into a far more unsteady weather patterns and cooler than normal temperatures. And rain during 6 days, which together already exceed what is normal for July with Ø 72mm.




80 mm rain in Stockholm-Snösätra

As of now, we have reached 80 mm in Snösätra since yesterday 7 July 2023. The peak from 2 June resulted into 59,1 mm - due to that within a very small corridor of 30-40 km length, between Södertälje and the SW suburbs of Stockholm, more rain fell compared to what was registered over Stockholm City, or Tullinge station.

The temperatures have fallen back to cooler than average temperatures.


Cooler than average July ?

The outlook in the GFS model, kind of runs similar to the feeling i got lately, that July could turn into a rather average to chilly version. If it comes true, it may not delight all the people who are making summer vacation.

Quite a switch compared to the highly summery June 2023. But the future is not written in stone - and no model can change that, regardless what they imply.


10 July GFS prognosis - now a bit cooler compared to the previous

Note above:
GFS model predictions (as well most others) are notoriously unreliable beyond 4th day
So you can take it with a grain of salt. Better three.


Typical Average Scandinavian Summer

You could also say it like this: It is a stink normal, typical Scandinavian summer; 18-22°C (slightly cooler than normal), sunshine in the morning and around noon, while cloudy with afternoon showers, occationally even some thunder. Clouds which then rapidly dissipate at sunset.

That kind of wraps it.

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