The first attempt

failed, as Sal was using a fluid which dissolved the printed ink of the comics - which made up the surface of an old dinner table, turning into an "X-MEN" table. Well, he had to re-do all the work of designing, and gluing comics onto the table - and then in his second attempt, he got the proper protection paint - and now we have a real X-MEN themed dinner table. Most of those comics are from the 90s and early 00s published in Sweden (mostly swedish text).

The table is really so incrediblly cool looking !




Stomach bug of some sorts ?! WTF

This is so weird. After midnight and onwards, i have barely slept - and the food i had eaten together with Sal late evening - it suddenly all went though. And from there it kept doing the same... When i tried to eat again in the morning - again, same thing. This went on into noon - so, I decided to call in sick.

I don't think it is spoiled food, because Sal and I were eating the same thing (chicken) so it couldn't been the chicken. Unless something snuck into my plate - i don't know. Yet, something did happen obviously... which is really annoying. (I had that once last year, but later after weeks discovered that it was my fault *LOL* it went on for 4 days.

The pain is OK-ish, meaning that it is manageable but some light fever is involved, too. So, i feel pretty exhausted. One of those What-Da-Duck moments...

I do have charcoal tablets at home - but i hesitate to use them (for me) because if I do that too early, who knows what then is "kept inside that shouldn't". So, I'll wait a couple days, just in case.

*rolling my eyes*

- 76 -