Pretty big sunspots grace the sun, which are even visible to my lesser equipment (compared to people who are into sun observations with telescopes and special filters, I mean). I don't really get the sunspots super sharp. Somehow the Olympus camera doesn't focus so well (or not totally accurately ?) when it comes to the sun. I've had troubles before with that. So, I used Topaz Photo AI in order to give them better sharpness - which is fully enough for my diary here.

The Olympus EM1X i have however, seem to be off at infinity with the ED 300/4 IS PRO lens - constantly front focusing.

Albeit you cannot affect S-AF (contrast) focus correction, i notice that i get infinity sharpness, when i enable focus correction anyway (which supposedly only works for C-AF / PDAF).

Yet, i do get better sharpness with S-AF at infinity with the ED 300/4 lens, when I enabled focus correction ! Very strange...

This bug, was so frustrating.

I remember my first images with the Olympus ED 300/4 IS PRO lens, of the snow capped Etna top - showing that all images came back with strong micro blur... (it focused however properly on everything closer than a couple kilometers). It took me 5-8 months to figure it out... with a correction, that supposedly isn't meant to work, when using S-AF. It spoiled my purchase of the ED 300 mm lens I have to say - which is razor sharp when correctly in focus !

Funny and strange indeed.



At home with stomach issues

I have been at home for 3 days, because i got some nasty stomach bug - creating at times really painful waves there. I had this once in Sicily (5-6 years ago), in the very night before I went back to Stockholm - with severe pain that I cried in desperation, it was that bad. *puh*

I had issues with my stomach back already for 6 month - like a sneaking sensitivity, which I couldn't find the origin of. Whenever I suspected a certain type of food - well - it showed later that almost anything i ate gave similar diffuse aches...

On that night in Sicily, I made a mistake to eat homemade marmalade, which Sal kept a tiny rest in room temperature (instead of the fridge). So, while I already had an aching stomach - i ate two sandwiches with that lovely marmalade (whose sugar content was less, and therefore wasn't made for room temperature without getting spoiled with fungus in a place like warm Sicily...).

This resulted into a night with the worst imaginable pains i had ever experienced. Somehow i made it back to Stockholm, after Sal bought special probiotica from the drugstore, which made it at least slightly less bad.

So, whatever i got now, reminds me of that event back in time. However - I didn't really eat spoiled marmalade this time - at least not that I am aware of. The ones we have, is in the fridge. Therefore, I am not sure what I caught... It could be that an unwanted bacterium took over my stomach, or possibly a fungus of some kind.


Fermented Sauerkraut is a way out

There was a way to ease and heal my stomach 6 years ago - which I had totally forgotten (and had not easten for 1 year). The potency of fermented Sauerkraut is astonishing ! (it needs to be eaten cold, not heated)

Fermented cabbage - also known as Sauerkraut - healed my stomach 6 years ago by 100% - without i ever had any more issues. Sauerkraut is filled to the brim with probiotics made by bacterias. More probiotica than any commercial stuff you buy for expensive money from the drug- or health store.

It is also filled with lots of K2 vitamin, which is essential when you add extra Vitamin D3 - in order to keep the calcium balance in the body as well at cellular level, and also for Calcium to go into the bones and teeth. (Most people are not lacking Calcium, but instead chronically lacking Magnesium and especially Vitamin D3+K2). All those are involved in the calcium balance.

Do not take extra calcium - is is a stupid thing to do.

So the K2 regulates that it doesn't come to calcification in the soft tissues and blood vessels. That's why you have to take Vitamin D3, together with K2 - always.


The Sauerkraut route

I am now starting with the Sauerkraut route, in order to gradually restoring my stomach / intestine health.

- 77 -