Except one night, in the end of June - there have been no thunderstorms affecting Snösätra this summer season. May and June were very poor in terms of T-storm activity. Albeit it has picked up a little bit over Southern and Northern Sweden - while Stockholm is largely unaffected. Which is a pity - because I just love thunderstorms and they always pose a nice photographic show in terms of dramatic clouds and then lightning strikes. Well, that only works if i am at home, and if it is dark enough.

It is already relatively rare of watch nightly thunderstorms in Stockholm. Best chance is in the end of July, during August, and if you are lucky even in September.

Most thunderstorms in Stockholm, appear during daytime...


29 June 2023

Therefore - the 29 June 2023 thunderstorm was highly unusual, since it happened during the brightest time of the year without we have real darkness. Yet the storm cell appeared at the best possible time around midnight, lingering from North towards the Northeast - masking the bright sky, and therefore everything looked a bit darker than normal.

Just dark enough for me to be able to make 4 sec long exposures with each frame. I took around 100 photos, and a few of them captured the lightning activity. It went silent very quickly, after 15 minutes, at around 01.10

Yet, it had gone on for 1.5 hours - while Sal, Ludo, Matteo and I were talking at the balcony - so there was no time for photography. It was when they went to bed, i took out the tripod in order to make a long photo series.

The photos below were taken with the Canon EOS R6 together with the RF 50 mm f 1.2 L lens, at

aperture ƒ 1.2 to 2
2-10 seconds exposure time
ISO 50 to 100



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