It amazing me every time, I am using the Olympus 300 mm f 4 IS PRO lens, which is an equivalent of 600 mm super telephoto. Also capable to focus down to 1.4 meter only. And all handheld... it is simply amazing.

I have not used to very much in the past 12 month - so for me it becomes once again this WOW effect when using it again. It is really a professional, and optically top notch lens. If you don't get it micro sharp - then something happened with the focus in one or the other way. But once the subject is truly in focus - the fine details are razor sharp. Even at wide open aperture at ƒ4.0

An optical marvel, in my opinion.

Due to the circumstances for the time being, being at home - I restrict myself at taking images of our balcony flowers *LOL* Picking out little details. I know it sounds... flat and "boring". But it doesn't have to be. Just experiment and explore... and you may be surprised how much flowers on a balcony can turn into - in terms of photographic impressions.


- 79 -