Another example of flower impressions from our balcony... which has many flowers this years, thanks to the seeds from Sal's best friend Leti, with a huge wealth of yellow, orange and brown color nuances. Albeit the above flowers are actually from my friend Claus, perhaps even a few ones left from my second husband Daniel when he bought most of them back in 2011.

Albeit several of them died during the record sunshine poor winter 2020/21, with just a few hours of sunshine during Nov, Dec 2020 and Jan 2021. I have rarely experience such a long time, with so little sunshine...

In the above photo, I used instead the Olympus ED 40-150 mm f 2.8 PRO lens, at it's longest focal length, equivalent to 300 mm.


Weather these days in July

It is cooler than average, albeit you don't really feel that so much - because July is still the warmest month. With temperatures between 18-22°C and relatively normal nights - perhaps a bit below average here too - but in general it feels summery. Still sunshine, still clouds, still some rain. Nothing steady - and more in line with rather typical Scandinavian Summers are, let's face it, classically on the somewhat unsteady side...


Normal Max 23.4°C
(Ø 1991-2020)

The normal MAX temperature in Stockholm this time of the year, lies around 23.4°C, but for the older climate period 1961-90, it is 21.9°C.

It is a nice warmth, without exaggeration. For people who come for example from super hot Spain, Italy and Greece - it is like a relief up here in Scandinavia.

Since 1st July 2023, we have gotten 82.5 mm rain since.

- 80 -